Few Are On the Narrow Road

June/July 2023

   Jesus said that, only a few are on the narrow way and it is very difficult to follow Him. Even some of His own disciples walked away (from the Perfect Preacher!), simply because the Gospel that He was preaching was too difficult for them to give up the “things of the world,” to follow Him. (John 6:66).

   It isn’t easy to follow Jesus! He said that we must choose Him OVER even our own children and parents, the closest people in most of our lives. We must be willing to lose everything (or put them behind our faith!), that is important to us, to follow Jesus. He warned us that the members of our own family, will be our “enemies.” (Matthew 10:34-36). Why is that? It is because, when we truly go to our knees and “die to self” and give our lives to Jesus, He removes the veil from our eyes and allows us to see how truly lost all our family members are who profess the faith. And, since we are in their inner circle, we will desire for them to truly know Jesus too and we will share the true Gospel with them. But, since they have been following a watered-down false gospel and, unless God pricks their hearts, they will continue to embrace that gospel, a false “Jesus,” because it allows them to continue to enjoy their sin, their “comfort,” their disobedience and their apathy. And, the more you try to warn them, the more distance they will ...

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