The Root Of the Fruit

   There is an immutable law of nature and Nature’s God, known as “cause and effect.”  Everything we do — or don’t do — has an effect.  An effect on ourselves, on those close to us, our community at large and even the nation.  For every effect we see, there is a cause.  Sometimes the cause is easy to see and sometimes it takes more effort to find it.
   You might also call it the “root and the fruit.”  The fruit that is borne in this world only blossoms because there is a root.  Whether the fruit we’re dealing with is good or bad, there is always a good, strong root that started it all.
   The world has abandoned God and His Word like no other time in history since, perhaps, the days of Noah and Lot.  And that’s the cause of the effects we’re seeing today. That’s the root of the rotten, bitter fruit our world is bearing today.  When a people and a nation reject God Almighty, the effect is that they lose their moral compass.  Without a moral compass, we wander in confusion, insanity and delusion.  Without God’s moral compass to guide us, we just do what we want — regardless of the consequences, regardless of the effects.
   And so today, by “following our own hearts,&rd ...

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