Characteristics Of A True Christian

September  2023

   Jesus said, the members of your own family will become your “enemies!” (Matthew 10:34-36). Why is that? Because, when one of you truly goes to your knees and gives your life to Jesus, He will remove the veil from your eyes and you will see all the family members who profess to be Christian but they lack the “fruits” of a Christian. And, you NOW KNOWING the real Jesus, will want to share this life-saving news with your family members. And, because you are in their inner circle, you will be comfortable sharing with them. But, you will find that they prefer their gospel and the “Jesus” that they have been serving and, if it is not Jesus, it is the devil! And, they will push you away until you become their “enemies!”

   How is that possible that so many people who profess Jesus, could actually be serving the devil?

   What Does God’s Word say? Satan is roaming the earth like a roaring lion and he depicts himself as an “angel of light.” Remember, the devil was so cunning that he was able to convince 1/3 of the Holy Angels (who KNEW GOD!), to reject God in favor of a “better” god, Satan! (Revelation 12:4). Satan depicts himself as an “angel of light;” the Spirit of God!  Well-known Historian Dave Pawson stated, “Satan has put the kindest, friendliest pastors in the pul ...

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