What Difference Does It Make? (Part 7)

October 2023

   After Cain slew Able, God raised up Seth (Genesis 4:25).  Seth was the seed that would start the line descending from Eve to bring forth the One to destroy the power of Satan in Luke 3:23-38.  Genesis 4:26 states when Seth’s son Enos was born:  “then began men to call upon the name of the Lord.”

   When Noah was called to build the ark, there were only two other godly men alive, Seth’s son Methuselah, Noah’s grandfather who died the year the flood came, and Lemech, Seth’s grandson, Noah’s father who died five years before the flood, to help and encourage Noah in the 120 years of building the ark.  All the rest of the wicked world was taken by the flood except Noah and his family, the only ones left of the faithful remnant of which the Christ was to be born. 

   Since the flood, Noah lived about two years short of Abram’s birth.  Then about 100 years after the flood, to preserve a faithful remnant, God confounded the languages of men to slow down the spread of evil, in that He promised Noah never again destroy the world with a flood.  Shem, the son of Noah, lived 148 years after Abraham was born, and died 48 years after Isaac was born.  Isaac dies (Genesis 35:27-29) after the 12 sons of Jacob (Israel) were born. Since Noah died, there were still seven of the nine generations alive whe ...

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