Jochebed: The Woman Who Changed Everything

October 2023

   Do you ever wonder how different the world would be had it not been for Jochebed? Neither did I. 

   Jochebed was quite a woman, raising three children, all of whom became quite important in ancient Israeli history, about 3,600 years ago. This Hebrew woman, a slave in Egypt, had no idea of her future impact on the world. Because of Jochebed, the world today is at the brink of a world-wide war(s). Because of Jochebed, we have Western law. Because of Jochebed, a hero of sorts to Jewish women today, the Word of God spread from a small community in the deserts of the Middle East along the eastern Mediterranean coast, to the entire world.

   Jochebed, the mother of Mirium, Aaron and Moses.

   After nearly 400 years of slavery at the hands of the Egyptians, the Pharaoh became worried about the Hebrews. The women had many children, propagating the species, resulting in a heavy population, possibly as many as a million. The Muslim population does the same today in the lands to which they have immigrated, having babies and growing their population so they can control. With only two children, Jochebed was an exception — an understatement.

   In an effort to control the Hebrew population, Pharaoh ordered that all newborn boys be thrown in the river Nile. This was bad news for Jochebed, as she was on the verge of having h ...

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