This Is Your Brain On Drugs -- Any Questions?

   As I go about my business around town and to various parts of the state and the country, everything looks so very different from the America I knew as a kid and young adult.  Everywhere I go, people look weird.  Girls in their early 20s with bright pink, green, purple or blue hair, have half their heads shaved, or their bangs cut straight across in a “bowl” cut that would have been embarrassingly ugly for even boys to have to wear when I was a kid.
   And, a majority of the people I see now, especially younger people, are covered in tattoos.  Many have their noses pierced, their faces and tongues pierced, and the style of clothing for young women today confuses me. It’s as if they either want to show as much skin as possible, even in cold weather, or they dress like vagabonds, having obtained their wardrobe from a Goodwill dumpster.  It’s as if they want to look as unattractive as possible when they go out in public.
   It’s equally sad to see young men these days.  Today I saw a guy in his early 20s walking through a parking lot on his way to his car.  He had long, dark hair and a full beard.  He didn’t appear to be homosexual in any way, but he was wearing two large hoop earrings, blue jeans that were torn to shreds, and an expensive leather jacket.&n ...

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