Depressed People Of the Bible: Suicidal Moses

November/December  2023

   Yes, as surprising as it may seem, Moses was suicidal, or at least, at one point in his life, wished, and even prayed, that he was dead. But before we get to that, let’s look at the circumstances that led up to it.

   The first eighty years were preparing him for his most difficult years, his last 40 years of life. He did not know his years in Pharaoh’s court and the years as a shepherd in the wilderness were all training him for that very moment. You might be wondering, “What am I doing in this job? Why aren’t I somewhere else, doing something else? Why am I living here? Why am I surrounded with ‘these’ people?” But God has a plan for you today and for your future. Where you are today, what you are doing today, and who you are with, are all part of God’s plan for your future.

   There are times in our lives when we are not loved and adored by all, maybe not even by those we are helping the most at the time. Sometimes it is not until much later, maybe not even until heaven, that our good actions are admired, appreciated, or recognized.

   So when was Moses suicidal?  This was within the second year of the people’s deliverance from slavery. It was sometime after the second month of the second year in the wilderness, after the children of Israel left Mount Hor and began tra ...

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