Is It True We Can Live In Peace?

November/December 2023

   Have you considered that worry and anxiety is an issue we can control? Many within the medical world agree that stress is not a lurking monster that forces us to be afraid, but rather our negative thoughts are a nurtured response to what we see and hear. In other words, our assumptions become empowered when our emotions embrace them. Thus, if we can learn how to re-wire or renew the way we think, we can begin to walk in victory over fear which we blame for ruining our happiness. We’ve heard about going to our “happy place,” a seemingly magical location where we can take refuge from whatever is threatening our security. But what is this about? It can mean different things to different people, but for those who have a relationship with God, it’s a secret place in the deepest part of our soul where we can commune with God and embrace the safety and joy of His presence.

   I remember a movie where a young girl was experiencing severe panic attacks. Her family would lovingly remind her to go to her “happy place,” and she would close her eyes and begin to control her breathing. As she blocked out what was happening around her and focused on comforting thoughts, she would eventually calm down. 

   As Christians, we are reminded that Jesus is a type of strong tower where those who are fearful can run to Him and be safe. When we ...

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