Moses Dealing With Rejection

January 2024

   Moses was rejected by Pharaoh and by his own people whom he was trying to help. But other than that suicidal moment, in forty years in the wilderness Moses was not deterred. Because at this point in Moses’ life it really did not matter what he thought or what others thought. The only thing that mattered to Moses was what God thought. That is the key to contentment.

   During the forty years wandering in the wilderness, the people seemed to treat Moses with mixed emotions, sometimes following, other times rebelling. Moses’ cousins staged a rebellion and an attempted coup. His brother and sister talked badly about him and to him. All of that pressure and rejection could have easily sent Moses into a depression — but he didn’t go there, except once. Why? Because he did not take it personally. Moses realized that they were the ones with the problem, not him. Since they were the ones with the problem, he did not pray, “Oh God please help me, no one likes me, everyone is mean to me, this is not fair. God punish them, teach them a lesson. Why me, always me?”  Moses did need help — what was happening to him was not fair, the burden was always falling on him, and at that point, it seemed that no one loved him. But since he knew they were the ones with the problem, Moses interceded in prayer for God to forgive them and to help them with their problem. He kne ...

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