Medical Murder is the #1 Cause of Death In the U.S. – by Design! (Part 3 — Where? Mystery Babylon)

January 2024

   On September 20, we released a national press release documenting the claim in the title.  Today I’ll briefly discuss Part 3 of the research – Mystery Babylon.  

   This research project can hopefully be used for God’s glory to wake people up. The seven parts follow the way we should investigate to find the truth: Who, What, Where, Why, When, How, and Now What. I hope you enjoy the series. The detailed research is posted on the home page at  Each part has a related monocast that is designed to give you a taste and hopefully motivate you to dig deeper.  
   For the next four issues, I’ll similarly introduce the remaining parts of the series.
   Think about it.  People are too expensive; the planet doesn’t have enough resources.  If Satan is successful at selling these lies, what we see happening in real time fits like a glove. 

   Long before COVID, even the CDC recognized that ‘medical malpractice’ was the third leading cause of death – heart disease 700,000; cancer 600,000; medical malpractice 400,000 annual deaths.  There is legitimate malpractice – neglig ...

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