Medical Murder is the #1 Cause of Death In the U.S. – by Design! (Part 4 — The Esoteric Spiritual Battle)

February 2024

   On September 20, we released a national press release documenting the claim in the title.  Today I’ll briefly discuss Part 4 of the research – The Esoteric Spiritual Battle.  This research project can hopefully be used for God’s glory to wake people up. The seven parts follow the way we should investigate to find the truth: Who, What, Where, Why, When, How, and Now What?. I hope you enjoy the series. The detailed research is posted on the home page at   

   Each part has a related monocast that is designed to give you a taste and hopefully motivate you to dig deeper.  For the next three issues, I’ll similarly introduce the remaining parts of the series.

   Think about it.  People are too expensive; the planet doesn’t have enough resources.  If Satan is successful at selling these lies, what we see happening in real time fits like a glove. 

   Long before COVID, even the CDC recognized that ‘medical malpractice’ was the third leading cause of death – heart disease 700,000; cancer 600,000; medical malpractice 400,000 annual deaths.  There is legitimate malpractice – negligence due to human error.  Go ...

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