Why Can’t You Admit You Are Wrong?

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Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

March 2024

   Why can't you, yes you admit you are wrong?  It's a basic flaw of humanity.  Samuel Clemons (Mark Twain) discovered it a long time ago.  He even told us,  “It is much easier to fool a person than it is for the person that’s been fooled to admit it.”  No one wants to admit they’re wrong.  Adam even tried it: “The woman You gave me made me do it.”  It may be because man has been given a free will and feels responsible for everything he does.

   We are operating with, under, an unconstitutional government.  All politicians, veterans, civil servants, all of us took an oath to protect and defend it.  What have you done?  What I’m doing, is making others aware that we did it, few of us have even read it.  I’ll tell you a little about it.  We aren’t supposed to pay income tax, but what happens if you don’t?”  Read your constitution.  

   I supposedly came about with the sixteenth amendment which was never legally ratified, and even if it could possibly be which it can’t be because it violates the thirteenth amendment.  Read them. I don’t have to explain them, they aren’t that hard to understand.  We have a central bank controlling our money and economy.  It tries to fool you by calling itself “federal,” and has done a very good job of it so far.  

   According to the Constitution, Congress is supposed to control the money and fix it’s value.  Come on now read it.  Read it. The tenth amendment says everything not listed, or forbidden by the Constitution shall be reserved to the states, or to the people.  Can you admit you were fooled yet?  

   Can you find where it gives the federal government the power to educate us?  No, no, no, no.  We have been fooled; also we were not educated, we were programed, trained, if you will.  I’m going to tell you how it came about.

   In 1905, five men in the education field, sat down in a loft of Peck’s restaurant in Manhattan and planned to socialize this nation.  Why, why, I can’t begin to understand why.  They were going to use a method called “gradualism.”  I only know one name.  Some of you are  able to look them up.  

   Jack London, was the name (author).  Maybe he was sorry, because he committed suicide a couple of years later.  They enlisted the aid of John Dewey of the Dewey Decimal fame and they did a fantastic job of completing their mission, although it took one hundred years.  

   In addition to gradualism, they only taught “remembering.”  No thinking allowed.  Read your lesson and be tested to see how well you “remembered” it.  If you remembered it really well, you are, were, considered “smart.”  Some of what they programed into you was lies, and you never thought about that because thinking was not in their plan.  They had one really good book, the Bible, which had to be removed right away.  

   Now who or what was so adamant about removing the Bible?  The first one hundred thirty seven years the government followed the Constitution, then they discovered they didn’t have to obey it.  There were no consequences built in.  Let’s add an amendment to have consequences for not obeying it.  What is a good penalty for treason?

   Now, now, some of you will see how we’ve been fooled, and admit it, most won’t.  If you did, it would require you to do something.  Also it’s much harder to admit you’ve been fooled.  Just like Mark Twain discovered.

-Richard Bollom, Trego, Wis.

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