It Needs To Stop!

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      As a kid, I attended a public school in a small, rural town in the 1970s and early ‘80s.  Even though it was a small public school, as I look back today, I can see we were — even then — being indoctrinated with a “globalist” agenda.  It certainly wasn’t as blatant or nearly as aggressive as it is in today’s public schools, but it was there.  The “climate change” cult was especially busy, telling us a global ice age would occur, likely before we graduated from high school.
   Of course, we can now look back and see that the “ice age” propaganda eventually changed to the “global warming” propaganda, and now they simply call it “climate change.”  But the radical environmentalist cabal has been using this as a fear tactic for decades.  Today, it’s obvious to see and understand this is just a tool the globalists use as a means of control.  
   Still, the government has been using weather manipulation for years, especially in the last decade or two and anyone who’s witnessed the skies filled with a checkerboard pattern of chemtrails can see with their own eyes that we’re being sprayed with who-knows-what, and we can only guess the purpose, though it’s obvious it’s not for the benefit of human or animal life on earth.
   And for some reason, everyone in our public school was required to read George Orwell’s book, 1984.”  Perhaps, following the code of the Luciferians, they had to tell us what they were planning in advance, before they did it.  Now, we’re literally living out the scenario of that book.  Who would have ever thought it possible?
   Good is now called “evil” and evil is now called “good” and there can be no discussion or debate.  That’s not allowed. Truth is censored and scrubbed from public view.  News of Government-orchestrated disasters is put through the “spin cycle” of the mainstream media and then dispatched down the “memory hole” as if it never happened.  Today’s public school students are too young to remember 9/11 and schools are not required to teach it in history class.  
   And as a society we have a very short attention span and memory.  Although it’s only been three years now, most have already forgotten the draconian measures our government forced upon us with the COVID scam-demic.  Have we forgotten that they forced people to stay home?  Have we forgotten how they forced everyone to wear masks in public, recirculating their own C02 through their lungs all day long?  Have we forgotten the children being reported to police by neighbors simply for playing outdoors in their front yards?
   Does anyone remember how they wrapped playground equipment in plastic snow fencing to keep kids from playing outdoors?  People driving alone in their cars, or riding their bikes while wearing masks?  People arrested for going to the beach on a hot summer day, without a mask? Do you recall the number “6” everywhere you looked?  “6” on the doors, “6” on the floors, “6” at the checkout registers.
   And what about the government forcing churches to lock their doors, while allowing liquor stores and pot dispensaries to remain open?  Or those who were arrested for attending church in their cars, in church parking lots — the cars parked 6’ apart?  The cancellation of the 4th of July parades and celebrations.  The cancellation of everything.  And still today, I see people wearing masks in public, as if those nasty things are doing them any good at all... they pull them out of their dirty pockets and put them on their faces before entering a public place.  How sanitary is that?  To say nothing of the millions who lined up to get their COVID jabs, many of whom have since suffered irreparable harm and death. People are so easily manipulated.
   But getting back to the public schools, I don’t care where you live or how “good” you think your local school is, I wouldn’t send any kid to any public school or college today.  These places have become nothing more than indoctrination centers pushing Communism and perversion.  Even at the college-age level, students don’t have the capacity for critical thinking, nor do they have reasoning skills or the basic knowledge to refute the lies being force-fed into their brains. They’re taught to obey the “authorities.”  “Trust the science.”  “The teacher knows best.”  “The doctor knows best.”  “Government exists to take care of you.”
   Truly, the current generation of public school students are on the fast-track toward Global Communism and sexual deviancy.  Since the “official” Obama years, there’s been a drastic spike in public school students “coming out” as homosexuals.  And over the past three years of Obama’s third term, there’s been a drastic spike in kids with “gender dysphoria.”  Even if this were a “real thing,” (which it’s not), any thinking person would seek mental health care for kids with any kind of real “dysphoria.”  But instead, we are now told we must embrace and celebrate this mental delusion and illness, because to do otherwise would be harmful to the child.
   Yet, those who “trust the science” believe that pumping testosterone into 11-year-old girls or estrogen into 11-year-old boys and surgically removing their sexual organs is absolutely fine.  Castrating young boys and sterilizing young girls is irreversible — and assures they’ll never be able to reproduce, never be able to have children of their own, never live a “normal” life.  This is absolute child abuse.  We’re talking about things Leftists would never, ever allow even for pedophiles or the worst of sexual predators. Yet they’re doing it to our kids, and we’re not allowed to think or say anything about it, unless we’re “affirming” it.
   Even parents no longer have the right to raise their children as they wish.  Now, the Almighty State is the parent.  School teachers work behind parents’ backs to indoctrinate their kids with all manner of sexual perversion and confusion, and then they’re allowed to help them “transition” to the opposite gender and parents are not even allowed to know about it.  Those who find out and oppose these measures are often criminalized, and many have had their children taken away from them by force.  Caring parents are now the “child abusers” while the actual abusers — and the worst possible type of abusers, mind you — are the “heroes.”
   There was a time when you’d go directly to jail for distributing pornography to children.  Now that same pornography has become mandatory reading in our public schools. Recently, a federal judge ruled against a group of parents in Montgomery County, Maryland, saying they have no fundamental right to opt their elementary school-aged children out of reading LGBTQP+ books that are deemed “mandatory” by the school’s curriculum.
   In Texas, a powerful school board, governing the entire city of Austin, has approved new sexual education standards that some are calling “a dream scenario for pedophiles.”  The new curriculum teaches that there are 50 different genders, gives instructions on how to apply condoms and even offers tips on how to perform graphic sexual positions.  It also instructs children how to receive birth control and abortions without their parents’ consent.
   Recently, the nation’s largest teacher’s union voted to officially promote child sex-change operations — for children age 5 to 12.  And public schools are now allowing children to “identify” as cats, horses and dinosaurs.  You heard me right.  This is from an article published in June of last year by London’s Daily Telegraph.  According to an investigation, schools in the UK are now allowing children to “identify” as all sorts of things.  At a state secondary school in Wales, one student is said to ‘meow’ when asked questions by a teacher.  In other schools, one apparently insists on being addressed as a dinosaur, one claims to “identify” as a horse, while another wears a cape and demands to be acknowledged as a “moon.”
   When a 13-year-old girl in one of those schools objected to her classmate being “affirmed” by teachers as being a cat, the teacher called her “despicable.”  This 13-year-old student recorded the conversation with the teacher.  The teacher is heard saying, “gender is not linked to the parts that you were born with.  Gender is about how you identify...”
   The teacher then added, “You are talking about the idea that ‘cisgender’ is the norm, that you identify with the sexual organ you were born with, that’s basically what you’re saying, which is really despicable.”  She then insinuated that the girl is homophobic and warned she’d be expelled from the school for thinking this way.
   While this particular story is from the UK, the same things are going on in American public schools.  We now have litter boxes in restrooms for students to use who “identify” as cats.  And the New York State Education Department recently released 42 pages of new guidance for public schools that includes a section about keeping children’s gender transitions a secret from parents.
   The report, titled “Creating a Safe, Supportive and Affirming School Environment for Transgender and Gender Expansive Students,” maintains that a student’s gender identity should be based on the student’s own assertion and that administrators should keep such information from families if they deem it necessary.
   How are things on our American college campuses?  A veteran biology professor in Texas, who has been teaching that sex is determined by X and Y chromosomes was fired after four students walked out of his classroom.  Dr. Johnson Varkey has claimed he was let go from his teaching position at St. Philip’s College in San Antonio after he was accused of “religious preaching.”
   And in Hernando County, Florida, a 5th grade teacher has stated that “parental rights are gone when your child is in the public school system.”  Also in Florida, a pastor was forcibly removed from a school board meeting for reading aloud from a pornographic book found in the local public school library.  This happened at the Indian River County School Board meeting.  The pastor simply read one sentence from the book before his microphone was cut off and he was arrested.  Other parents at the meeting attempted to read from other pornographic books from the local school library and were also cut off.
   How is all this working out for the children?  After all, they tell us this is all for the “good” of the children.  Well, a mother in Appomattox County, Virginia is now suing her local school district because school district employees allegedly “transitioned” her 14-year-old daughter, who was later placed by the public defender in an all-male juvenile facility, where she was sexually assaulted and later kidnapped, raped and sex-trafficked after she ran away from the facility.  The Mom had no idea that her daughter was “identifying” as a male at school because school administrators made sure to keep that a secret from her.
   And the Los Angeles Unified School District now has a “Rainbow Club,” for children as young as 5.  According to the description, “Rainbow Clubs” are for celebrating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Nonbinary, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Ace and Two-Spirit identities.”  These clubs are run by the local schools.
   I could go on with more of these stories, but there are just too many.  The indoctrination and grooming of our children by demonic, perverted public school officials, teachers and school board members is staggering.  It’s one thing if you’re an adult and want to act out sexual deviancy in your own life.  But as the LGBTQP+ crowd has told us, they’re now coming for our kids, and they’re not ashamed to admit it.  Parents who object are labeled “domestic terrorists.”  This is child abuse at the highest levels of perversion.  It needs to stop.  And if you don’t think it’s happening where you live, you better wake up.  It’s everywhere.  While students in China are learning reading, writing and arithmetic, students in our country are learning sodomite sex.  This is the agenda of those who want to crush America.  They’re killing our kids, destroying their minds and souls.  Should not ALL of us make time to care about THAT?!

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