Spiritual Cultural and Political Corruption Point To Approaching Judgment

April 2024

   To many observers, our Southern border policy is wrong-headed allowing entry to many saboteurs, drug dealers, jihadists, and violent criminals. Our Afghanistan withdrawal was a fiasco as well as a military defeat in the eyes of radical Islamists; and the Biden administration’s desire to raise the national debt to $51 trillion from its present insane $33 trillion will only result in the destabilization and devaluation of our money. Looking for bargains when shopping for groceries will become futile.

   Regarding the immigration debacle, Nick Miroff reported in the Texas Tribune that one frustrated ICE official said that “they are abolishing ICE without abolishing ICE.” And, regarding Afghanistan being returned with billions of dollars of equipment to the Taliban and their Al-Qaeda pals, the Joint Chiefs all said to Congress that their memoranda recommended that 2,500 soldiers be left in Afghanistan as we transitioned out, but none would affirm that he actually said those words to the President. Each of those sycophants said they would not repeat their actual conversations with the President. It is embarrassing for any ethical citizen to hear these words of equivocation.

   The citizen may get the impression from the above lies, mistakes, and equivocations that the Democrat Party in Congress and the executive branch are unwise, incompetent, or excessively ...

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