The True History of the Original Palestinians

April 2024

   When genuine people read the Bible and discover that a long time ago the Palestinians lived in the Promised Land, immediately they think that they are the ancestors of the Arab Palestinians who live in the land of Israel today. This confusion is not just for the Muslims but even for the rest of the world, who do not know the true history of the original Palestinians. In her article titled “The Greek Age of Bronze, Weapons and warfare in the late Helladic time 1600-1100 BC Texts,” Andrea Salimbeti wrote: “The land of origin of the Peleset later identified as Philistines is obscure. There are many theories, Greece, Illyria, Crete, Western Anatolia, Lands to the East etc. One of the theories link the Peleset to the Homer Pelasgians who were allies of Troy, and one group, lived in Thrace, northeast of Greece. Those Pelasgians would have migrated south many would have gone farther south to Crete. Furthermore, since many Biblical references refer to the Philistines origins as the Island of Caphtor, and since many scholars identify Caphtor with Crete, the idea more widely accepted is that the Peleset were originally Cretan.”

   As Andrea stated, there are many opinions concerning the history of the original Palestinians, as there are many opinions about many subjects and doctrines. How can one know which opinion is the accurate opinion? The answer is very simple — there is ...

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