Rise of the Controligarchs: Implications for the Nearness of Christ’s Return

April 2024

   “But take heed; behold, I have told you everything in advance.” (Mark 13:23).

   A new word has recently entered our vocabulary. That new word is “Controligarch.”  Let’s define what that means. Many people are familiar with the word Oligarch. That word emerged in mainstream conversation from the ashes of the former Soviet Union. Russian Oligarchs were thought of as successful entrepreneurs that were able to navigate the difficult times the implosion of the Soviet Union resulted in. An oligarch is someone who has extreme wealth, usually billions of dollars. With this wealth comes influence. In addition to massive wealth and influence, comes power to change the minds of people who fashion regulations, codes, statutes, and laws. Many times, this influence and power is implemented clandestinely through lobbyists. Most Oligarchs do not like press coverage or fame. They are content to remain somewhat obscure to the public.

   With that definition in mind, let’s discuss what “Controligarch” means. Individuals who fall under this definition are not dissimilar to Oligarchs with one exception. Controligarchs do not mind being in the public eye. They do not attempt to hide from public view and in fact, consider themselves as a type of champion of humanity and the earth’s environment we share. Many of the names are n ...

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