Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

April 2024

   When I see the polls for Biden in the mid-40s, my first response is these have to be rigged polls. Maybe it’s a typo, or it is simply the mainstream media spreading propaganda? 

   Then a cold chill, along with a sinking indescribable feeling, maybe somewhat like when the people in Germany or other European countries, or African or South American countries realized their country was being taken over or else already had been.

   For a conservative, a patriotic American, a constitution and law-abiding American, a justice-loving American, a God-fearing and Christ-honoring American, it seems like those polls can’t be true. 

   But then there is the reporting that nearly 50% of all young people think socialism is favorable over our constitutional republic. Let’s not stop there, let’s look at what’s happening at the borders. Hold up, what about the take over of our military by the anti-American “woke”  leaders? How about the take over of our schools?  The indoctrination, the bathroom issues in schools, men on girls’ sports teams in schools. Then there are our cities collapsing, crime, homelessness, drug use off the chart, over the top. Unimaginable lawlessness, not even enforcing many of the laws and then releasing felons back on the stre ...

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