Honoring Our Husbands & Wives: Ray & Jeign LeBlanc

Complimentary Story
April 2024

   I moved from Tennessee to Wisconsin in 2018 to help assist Rob Pue, publisher of Wisconsin Christian News with his Ministry Center in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Rob’s vision was to have a place available to share the gospel in a comfortable setting, located in the heart of the city on the main street, Central Avenue. 

   People would come in throughout the week as we offered gospel music, Bible  studies, Christian movie nights, Sunday morning church services and discipleship.   We also hosted special live events with well known speakers on a wide variety of important topics, usually once a month.

   It was a place of comfort where a stranger could come off the street, get a free cup of coffee and a snack, a place of ministry where one could feel safe and comfortable sharing their concerns and have someone listen to them and guide them to the truth in Jesus Christ.
   It was during this ministry that my darling wife, Jeign, would attend to see what we were all about.  During the course of a few months, I was able to get to know her and enjoyed our conversations and developed a closer friendship which became serious quite suddenly as we were both single and desiring to serve the Lord with like-minded Christians. 

   Well, on Valentines Day, February 14, 2019, I proposed marriage to her and was blessed with a “YES!”  Less than a month later on March 10, 2019, we were married at the Wisconsin Christian News Ministry Center — the day after WCN’s annual Ministry Conference.  Rob Pue was my best man; Coach Dave Daubenmire officiated at the wedding. We continued serving the Lord together there until, unfortunately, the Ministry Center closed down.

   Our desire to continue meeting and ministering to the small core of followers led us to rent a facility close by and continue our fellowship, meeting on a regular basis and serving the Lord in whatever capacity He would provide. 

   We just celebrated our 5th year anniversary on March 10th and continue as a ministering team reaching out to our community and sharing the Good News of the gospel. With Jeign by my side, encouraging me to serve the Lord, her support is a blessing, as we go to the abortion clinics and minister — or open our ministry doors to fellowship.  

   Life is rich in the Lord, when you have a supportive soul mate to minister with. One final word of encouragement to those that may be desiring a soul mate to share your life with: seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and He will supply all your needs. 

   The best decision I ever made was asking the Lord to be first in everything I do, and He granted me the desire of my heart, when He blessed me with my wife.

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