All For One and One For All

April 2024

   When I say ‘three musketeers,’ what comes to mind? Perhaps a candy bar in the aisle of the grocery store check out. Or perhaps a vintage French novel about three heroic men in the king’s guard who fought for justice. It is the latter of which I speak.

   There was a famous quote from the book; that even if you have not read “The Three Musketeers,” you’ve probably heard… “All for one and one for all.”

   This phrase popped into my mind the other day as I was praying. I thought about what an accurate picture it is of the Church that God would like to see here on the earth. Not necessarily the Church that we are today, but something to strive for and aim for.

   All for one… Just like the shepherd left the flock to go after the one lost sheep, in the parable that Jesus told; all of us should be willing to fight on behalf of one who needs our help. It should not matter if there is fame or glory involved for ourselves, or a monetary compensation. All of us should look to the needs of the one who is hurt, broken, and lost. It should be our ambition, like the good shepherd, to bring those who need our help into the flock. To bring those who have wandered away from the faith back to the kingdom, and to bring those who are lost into the kingdom.

   And one for all &helli ...

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