Lighting A Candle

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   I believe America is at a tipping point. Most Americans realize there is something deeply wrong with the nation we live in.  Even non-Christians have had all they can take of the Leftists’ “woke” agenda, and especially of the vilification of common sense when it comes to our children.
   In recent years, we’ve seen parents who object to pornographic books, drag queens and the LGBTQP+ movement indoctrinating their children labeled as “the most dangerous threats to our democracy,” and also called “domestic terrorists.”  In reality, the opposite is true.  Those who push for the normalization of sexual deviancy, homosexuality, pedophilia and the mutilation of the minds and bodies of our children are the real predators, and they have many allies, now baked in to the curricula of our public schools and celebrated wholesale in cities and small towns all across the USA.
   In 1963, “45 Communist goals to take down America” were read into the Congressional record.  Among them: “break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in the media;” “present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as ‘normal, natural and healthy;’” “infiltrate the churches;” “discredit the family as an institution;”  “Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce;” “emphasize the need to raise children away from the ‘negative’ influence of parents.”  And here we are today, with all of those Communist goals to take down America achieved.
   June is coming quickly.  In the year 2000, Bill Clinton declared the month of June as “Gay and Lesbian Pride Month.”  Since then, “Pride Month” has spread around the globe, but it doesn’t end when July 1st rolls around.  Today, the LGBTQP+ monster — and now the “transgender” abomination — continues all year long.  Through organizations like the “Human Rights Campaign,” their agenda is forced down the throats of companies and corporations, so that they must either endorse and financially support this sexual deviancy and the myriad of mental disorders associated with it all, or be publicly shamed, boycotted  and labeled as “homophobic” and now, “transphobic.”
   But those pulling the strings behind the scenes are pushing even harder and never stop their assault on all that is normal, natural and God-ordained.  Today we have the “Transgender Day of Vengeance.”  We have a new multi-billion dollar industry within the medical industrial complex, to forever mutilate and sterilize young children with hormone-blocking drugs and so-called “gender affirming surgeries” that destroy young children and maim them for life.  Josef Mengele would be proud.
   For many years, I’ve joined my Christian friends on the streets during “Pride parades,” to stand as a witness for Christ and God’s natural design for marriage and family.  I’ve attended some of the largest “pride” festivals in the country, where it’s been 100 Christians trying to reach a half-million sodomites and their allies.  I’ve witnessed thousands of young children exposed to sexual deviancy in the streets of American cities.  Young children participating with their homosexual parents in these parades.  Young children viewing simulated sodomite sex acts involving completely- or mostly-naked men and women in broad daylight.  Young children, whose parents give them dollar bills to stuff in the “g-strings” of nearly-nude drag queens, dancing provocatively in front of adoring crowds of hedonists.
   With the exception of a handful of times, attempting to reason with or even have a meaningful conversation with the sodomites and transgenders has been futile.  The police see the Christians as the enemies, and they protect the perverts.  The sodomites blow bullhorns directly into our ears as we try to speak.  They beat drums, blow trumpets, yell and scream like demons, to keep our words from going forth.  When we use signs with messages of common sense, hordes of deranged sodomites descend upon us, covering our signs with rainbow flags at a minimum... destroying our signs, and attacking us physically most of the time.  And Christians being attacked at these events has been — every time — the greatest form of amusement for those charged with the duty to “protect and serve.”
   Sadly, the vast majority of American pastors and churches have remained mute, and have allowed all of this to grow to enormous proportions, so that today, you can go nowhere without being assaulted by homosexual or transgender propaganda and vile displays of debauchery.  The rainbow flag is a symbol of conquest. No one can argue that the devil and his minions have won this culture war, because the pastors and churches have been too cowardly to do ANYTHING.  Correction: I shouldn’t say the churches haven’t done anything... the last “pride” parade I attended included no less than forty churches participating IN the parade, with banners on their floats expressing sentiments like “God thinks you’re fabulous.”
   But people are fed up with all this.  Most of us have had enough of these mental illnesses being pridefully celebrated and we’re now forced to celebrate this perversion under penalty of law.  Some have suggested there be a “Straight Pride” parade.  But heterosexual people do not celebrate the fact that they’re heterosexual, nor do they flaunt their sexuality in public, in front of children.  And what would a “Straight Pride” parade even look like? A bunch of normal people walking down the street?  And further, if anyone even tried to arrange something like this, they’d be viciously attacked and vilified in the mainstream media and compared to “Nazis.”  You know that would happen.
   Several years ago, my friend, JR Harrison, who leads the Natural Family Foundation, came up with the idea of celebrating “Natural Family Month” — from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day.  The first week would be a celebration of Mother’s Day. The second week would be a celebration of children. The third week would be a celebration of grandparents. The next week would be a celebration of extended family, and it would all culminate in a celebration of Dads on Father’s Day.
   JR has created a website,, where he lays out the plan, and offers a pledge people can sign to affirm their support of God’s ordained design for the NATURAL family: one biological man married to one biological woman united in a monogamous marriage for life, bearing and raising Godly children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.  There’s overwhelming scientific evidence showing that children thrive within the Natural Family.  There’s much less poverty, mental illness, drug use, rage and rebellion, and children grow up to be much happier and well-adjusted adults when raised within the Natural Family.
   Last June, I came up with an idea, but it was too late to put into action then.  This year, thanks to other ministry friends, the idea is coming to fruition — and God has greatly blessed this plan, which focuses on “lighting a candle” instead of cursing the darkness.  Mind you, in prior years as we went to witness for Christ at these sodomite events, we weren’t “cursing” anyone.  We were there to shine the light of Christ and have meaningful, thoughtful and loving conversations with those so lost and deceived by Satan.  Unfortunately, in this sort of environment, our little band of Christian brothers and sisters were no match for the demonic spirits inhabiting a half million people — including city government leaders, police officers, pastors and churches.
   So this year, we’re preparing something totally different, for June 29th. That’s the day the “drag queens” will be performing in a downtown family park.  Once again, men will be dressed as outrageous prostitutes and will be dancing and gyrating in sexually suggestive ways in front of little children. They’ll also be dressing little children in “drag” and teaching them how to “strut their stuff” in front of the adults there.
   But on this same day, a few blocks away, at another city park, we will be hosting a Natural Family Festival.  This is our attempt to “light a candle” in this community and as I wrote in my article last year, to “show them what a natural family is.”
   The mayor of the city has agreed to open our festival with a speech on the value of families...natural families.  We will have other excellent speakers to encourage people to cherish the institution of the family...the Godly foundation for a Godly nation.  And then we’ll have activities, for children and adults.    But not just any sort of activities.  This is not some sort of “carnival” with silly stuff and meaningless games.  All of the activities we have planned are designed to bring families together and to honor God’s design for the natural family...again, one real man and one real woman, united in marriage and bearing and raising children for the glory of God.
   One activity will involve children and their parents learning to plant and grow things.  We’ll provide small flower and vegetable plants, soil and pots, so children can work together with their parents to grow something.  Once planted, we’ll have a little sign that reads “I love my family” that they can decorate their pot with.
   Another activity will include boys working with their dads to build a simple birdhouse or bird feeder.  Again, this activity is meant to connect fathers together with their sons and build something — achieve something — together.
   At another station, we’ll be doing a bigger project, to involve the older children.  Under the supervision of expert builders, young teens will be building an actual house — a playhouse — throughout the day.  This will provide an opportunity for dads to work with their teenagers and actually learn to build a HOUSE!  When it’s completed, we’ll draw one name from among those who worked on the project and the winner will win the playhouse... here again, we’re connecting dads with teens, and teens will learn they can build and achieve something of great significance, with their own two hands, alongside their dads.
   We’ll also set up a lemonade stand... but not just any lemonade stand.  Next to our stand, we’ll have a “Help Wanted” sign, and children ages 5-13 can sign up for half-hour segments to work at the stand.  We’ll supply the lemonade, cups and ice.  Kids just need to sign up and show up for “work.”  At the end of their shift, they get to keep what they’ve earned.  This teaches kids how to “get a job,” and the satisfaction of learning to work, and how to earn money.
   And we all know the “drag queens” offer “story time.”  We’ll have story time too.  But OUR stories will come from the old McGuffey Readers, which are filled with uplifting, positive stories of families...with the gospel message woven throughout.  And here’s the best part:  the stories will be read by GRANDPARENTS.  So, we’ll be connecting the oldest generation with the youngest generation, and these grandparents will also share the wisdom of their own life’s experiences with the young kids who listen.  I strongly believe we need to return honor and VALUE to our elders, who are so easily forgotten and minimalized in today’s culture.
   We’ll also have a petting zoo, pony and cart rides, other craft opportunities for kids and their parents to create and build things together, and we will have acappella music sung by families from our local Mennonite community.  So instead of silly songs, comedy and frivolous “entertainment,” we’ll be offering beautiful music — hymns sung together by FAMILIES.  There will also be a mobile Creation Museum, showing how God created the world in six days, and how the first family began.
   This will be an opportunity to turn the hearts of the fathers back toward their children.  To re-connect the grandparents with their grandchildren, for moms and daughters to connect in substantial ways, to hear meaningful stories of how God designed the family to really be.  To HONOR our parents, our elders, and get our young people out of the clutches of pop culture and turn THEIR hearts back to respecting themselves, each other and their mothers, fathers and families.
   Friends, as goes the church, so goes the family. Sadly, our churches have failed to build solid God-honoring families.  But also, as goes the family, so goes the nation.  And we can all easily see how desperately our nation needs strong families again — free of the shackles of mindless TikTok videos and gaming and soul-sucking electronic “entertainment” and social media.
   We’re offering a clear and stark alternative.  This community will have the opportunity to see two completely different worldviews on the same day just a few blocks apart: the celebration of sodomite “pride,” “drag queen” perversion and sexual grooming of children versus the wholesome, NATURAL FAMILY the way it used to be; the way God designed it to be and the way it should be.  In the end, I believe the people of this small town will be deeply impacted and I pray that hearts are deeply touched and transformed as we will show them and demonstrate to them what a natural family is.  We’re lighting a candle, rather than cursing the darkness and it’s my hope that other people, in communities all across this nation, will grab ahold of this vision and put together Natural Family Festivals for their own towns.  If you’d like to learn how you can easily do this in your town, please contact me. 

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