The Four Horses Of the Apocalypse (Part 5)

May 2024

   This is Part 5 is a series of studies in Revelation 6 related to the Four Horses of the Apocalypse. See the Wisconsin Christian News website, under “Bible Study” for Part 4 in this series.

   I have not listed all the grievously barbaric behavior of governments around the world related to the COVID nonsense because space does not allow for that. Sudden death syndrome is now impossible to hide, although the corporate media certainly attempts to deflect attention away from it. Adolescents and teens with heart disease is caused by something — and that something is the ingredients that comprise the toxic brew evil people call a “vaccine.”

   In case you haven’t noticed, the COVID scamdemic is not over. The media is starting up their fear and intimidation campaign once again. China is locking down tens of millions of their own citizens, and at the recent G20 meeting of world leaders, agreement was reached for a Global Vaccine Passport that would permit international travel only with proof of all necessary vaccines and boosters. This is just a first step toward domestic travel restrictions, first by air, then by other modes of public transportation, and then finally by personal automobile.

   This is not secret information. It has been revealed in published articles easily accessible to all Americans. Why is there no ou ...

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