Daily Devotion


God had gained the victory over Jericho and Ai. Following this the people of Gibeon signed a “treaty of peace with Israel” (Joshua 10:1b). God was truly with His people as He had promised to be (1:5).
Now the king of Jerusalem formed an alliance with the five kings of the Amorites against Gibeon (vss.3-5). The king of Gibeon called for Israel’s help in this major battle (vs.6). God gave His assurance of victory (vs.8)…and this is what He provided (vs.10a).
As they pursued the enemy troops God gave additional aid by “hurling large hail stones” on these fleeing soldiers. More soldiers were killed by hail than by the sword (vs.11).
Joshua now made a unique request of God—that He would make the sun stand still over Gibeon so the defeat would be complete…and God complied (vss.12-13). This gave added proof that “surely the Lord was fighting for Israel” (vs.14b)!
OUR STORY: We do well to reflect on how many life “battles” we have won
            only through God’s help.