Daily Devotion


        “A sower went out to sow his seed.” (Luke 8:5a)
Much of Jesus’ teaching was done through parable. These were short stories with an inner spiritual meaning.
One of these parables involved the sowing of seeds in four different “soils,” only one of which was truly productive (Luke 8:5-8a). Jesus went on to share the story’s deeper meaning—
        ““Now the parable is this: the seed is the word of God.
           The ones along the path are those who have heard;
           then the devil comes and takes away the word from
           their hearts, so that they may not believe and be
           saved. And the ones on the rock are those who,
           when they hear the word, receive it with joy. But
           they have no root; they believe for a while, and in
           time of testing, fall away. And as for what fell
           among the thorns, they are those who hear, but as
           they go on their way they are choked by the cares
           and riches and pleasures of life, and their fruit does
           not mature. As for that in the good soil, they are
           those who, hearing the word, hold it fast in an
           honest and good heart, and bear fruit with
           patience.”” (vss.11-15)
Jesus shared a timeless message regarding the response to the Word of Truth. Many lives remain unchanged due to the poor condition of their heart. Yet those with an “honest and good heart” are remarkably responsive and productive.
PERSONAL APPLICATION: Christ would remind us to examine
        our hearts, and our response to His Word in our lives.