Daily Devotion


The preamble to this parable began with a sincere question about gaining
““eternal life”” (Luke 10:25). Living love was the answer—loving ““God…and one’s neighbor”” (vss.26-28).
The follow-up question prompted the parable—““Who is my neighbor”” (vs..29)? Jesus shared the story of a man who was robbed and severely beaten (vs.30). Both a ““priest”” and a ““Levite”” saw the needy man and ignored him (vss.31-32).
It was a ““Samaritan”” who showed deep compassion on this stranger. He went above and beyond, giving sacrificially, to meet this man’s needs (vss.33-35).
The answer to the “neighbor” question was obvious. Jesus concluded this story with this command to the seeker (and to us)—““Go and do likewise”” (vs.37b).
PONDER POINT: Our greatest calling is to love fully—both God and man.