Daily Devotion

A Son's Wife

“…take a wife for my son Isaac.” (Genesis 24:4b)
Abraham was in his final days on earth… and had bee richly blessed by God (Genesis 24:1). He made a dying request of his chief servant –-to go to his father’s land, and find a wife for his son Isaac (vs.4).
Abraham assured his servant that God would send an angel to direct him to a suitable wife (vs.7b0. And so the journey began. When he reached Nahor, the servant prayed for God’s direction (vss.12-14).
While he was still praying to be directed to a wife, Rebekah appeared, just as he had prayed (vs.25). She was the daughter of Abraham’s brother. She was a beautiful virgin (vs.16a).
The servant’s request for a drink of water from Rebekah was honored (just as he had prayed), and a wife had been found, of God’s choosing (vss.17-51).
PERSONAL APPLICATION: With love, God hears our prayers, and responds as He chooses.