Daily Devotion


Nathan had spoken the words of God. The sentence had been given.
When Nathan left, the child born to King David and Bathsheba became ill (2 Samuel 12:15. David went into a state of fasting and prayer (vs.16). He was unrelenting for six days, lying with his face to the ground (vs.17).
On the seventh day the child died, as God had foretold (vss.14b & 18a). Now David arose and worshipped God (vs.20a). The time of praying that God would spare the child’s life was over (vss.22-23).
A second son was born to David and Bathsheba. His name was Solomon, whom the Lord loved (vs,24). God gave the baby a special name—“Jedidiah” (vs.25). This gave evidence of God’s continued blessing on King David’s dynasty.
PONDER POINT: God’s love and blessing exceeds our sin.