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Barbara L. Klika

Barbara L. Klika, MSW, Personal Life Coach
Set Apart Ministries

Barbara Klika has been a clinical social worker for many years, now providing personal life coaching as well as being Undershepherd of a Home Fellowship.

Email: info@set-apart-ministries.org
Website: http://www.set-apart-ministries.org
Chris McMahan
Chris McMahan makes her home in Canton, GA with Troy, her husband of 20 years, and their three kids. A former Spanish teacher, she now keeps her teaching skills sharp by home schooling her youngest child. She has a passion for teaching women from God’s Word, enjoys photography, jewelry making, and of course, writing. She currently enjoys writing a monthly column in WCN as well as a blog at www.redeemedrepurposed.wordpress.com. Through her writing she finds an outlet to express how God is at work in her life. Her vignettes illustrate the truth of Scripture expressed through life’s daily events.
Email: cjmcmahan1@comcast.net
Website: http://www.redeemedrepurposed.wordpress.com
Dan Kohn
Dan Kohn has been married for 38 years and has two adult children (and two grandchildren).

Dan is pastor at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Altoona, WI. His passions are discipleship (on which he has written two books) and men's ministry.
Call: 888-590-8652
Email: kohndan01@charter.net
Dr. James Bowman
James Bowman, MD, ND, DHNC, DCP, FAAIM of Alternative Health Concepts Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481

James Bowman began his studies in science and medicine after high school. Stationed in an intelligence unit in Berlin, Germany, and seeking to begin his medical education, he attended classes at the Freie Universität, Berlin, School of Medicine, with a combined emphasis on both family and internal medicine. This medical college is a recognized leader in research and in alternative health care.

In addition to the medical curriculum, he took many additional hours to earn his credentials in two key alternative health care areas, naturopathy, and homeopathy, both of which have their origins and development in Germany. He also completed advanced studies in detoxificaiton, herbal and botanical medicine, nutritional therapy, enzyme therapy, and stress management.

He completed his MD degree at the Open Internation University, School of Medical Studies, in Sri Lanka, another world leading scientific research and alternative health care university. He has been in practice for thirty years and sees both children and adults for a very wide variety of health issues using the European natural and alternative approaches he learned in Germany.

NOTE: Although he holds multiple professional degrees, in the State of Wisconsin, if a practitioner has more than one professional degree he or she must choose only one under which to practice. Although he holds an MD degree from a recognized school, because his work is completely devoted to natural and alternative methods, he has chosen not to be licensed as an MD in Wisconsin, nor to practice common medical services such as prescribing Rx medications, performing surgery, etc., but to practice under the scope of naturopathy and all its services. For the sake of clearly informing the public of his practice and his educational background, this explanation is given in accordance with the direction of the Department of Regulation & Licensing, State of Wisconsin, Madison.
Call: 715-341-4949
Website: http://www.getyourlifeback.org
Julaine Appling

Julaine is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, where at the age of 5 months, she was adopted into the loving home of Bob and Mary Appling. Following college, Julaine moved to Wisconsin, where she has lived for most of the intervening years. Her educational background includes a B.A. in Humanities, a B.S. in English Education, and a Master of Science in Educational Administration and Supervision. Through the years she has done additional graduate-level course work at UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee. During the nearly 10 years Julaine spent in the classroom in Wisconsin, she taught on the junior high, high school, and college levels. Her primary teaching areas have been history, government, English, and education courses. In addition, for 5 years Julaine was the administrator of a private school; and she has also been office manager for a small law firm in Milwaukee. In October, 1997, Julaine came to work at The Wisconsin Family Council (WFC) as Director of Office Operations. She served in that capacity until November, 1998, when she was asked to become the Executive Director of WFC.

Call: 888-378-7395
Email: info@wifamilycouncil.org
Website: http://www.wifamilycouncil.org
Mike Prom
Mike has been married to Ann for 27 years and they have three children, Becky, Eric and Ben and one grandchild. Prior to joining the staff of Headwaters Christian Youth, Mike received a BS in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin. Mike has been with HCY for 27 years, serving most of those years as Executive Director.

In the past ten years, an offshoot of HCY has formed in the area of leadership and youth ministry development called Wise, Intentional Leadership Development (WILD). WILD impacts not only north central Wisconsin, but also southern Africa and the areas in and around Nepal.

Through training trips to the other continents and having pastors come to Wisconsin, Mike has been able to set up a network with pastors and church lay leaders to provide training to all levels of congregations and on going resource information and lessons to continue this empowering process.
Call: 715-369-2500, 715-367-9453
Email: wildministries@gmail.com
Website: http://www.myhcy.com
Patrick Wallschlaeger
Patrick Wallschlaeger - CEO and Founder of Midwest Professional Planners, Ltd. (MPPL is an independent, Christian directed, financial advisory firm headquartered in Wausau, Wisconsin,) is a planner with over 28 years of experience in personal financial planning. He has been personally involved in more than 1,000 individual and business financial plans.

Pat has a weekly TV segment on WSAW TV 7 titled, "Your Financial Future". He speaks to many groups throughout the country on financial planning topics.

Pat is a licensed financial planner in Wisconsin, Illinois, Florida and Minnesota. He is a member of the Financial Planners Association.

He resides in Wausau, Wisconsin with his wife.
Call: 800-236-6775
Website: http://www.mpplplan.com
Paul Lagan
Concerning the great moral, spiritual, and ethical issues of our day, Paul Lagan is well suited for the task at hand. In 1989, he founded Alliance for Life Ministries (AFLM), a conservative Christian ministry located in Madison, Wisconsin, which is arguably the most liberal city in the United States. This ministry is geared toward making a difference by taking God's Word and applying it to His Cultural Mandate.

What makes Paul particularly unique is that he, along with his wife Sue and other m embers of AFLM, has actually done what most other conservative organizations only suggest. The fact that he is actively on the front lines of the battle gives him a unique credibility and qualifies him to advise and direct concerning the great issues of our day.

In 1999, Paul and Sue received the prestigious Salt and Light Award from The Center for Reclaiming America for Christ, as the Outstanding Christian Organization in the United States.

From among millions of Web sites, AFLM is honored and blessed to be listed on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and many other search engines.

Paul has appeared as keynote and guest speaker before functions across the United States. He spoke (along with leaders of other national pro-family organizations) before the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., and has been interviewed numerous times on television and radio, and in newspapers and national magazines.

Statements written and articles published by Paul have received recognition both here and abroad. The Lagans have worked with the largest and most noteworthy Christian organizations in the United States.

Paul does not make a living by playing church. He has never received any form of salary, wage, benefit, or financial reimbursement for his ministry efforts, and is, therefore, able to "tell it as it is with no strings attached."

Before retiring Paul was self-employed as the founder and owner of Union Financial Services, an estate and financial planning organization that operated primarily within the Midwest.
Email: ministry@alliance4lifemin.org
Website: http://www.allianceforlifeministries.org
Rob Pue
Rob is the founder and publisher of Wisconsin Christian News. After owning and operating a photography studio for many years in his hometown of Marshfield, Rob was called to start a Christian newspaper for the state of Wisconsin. Rob's monthly "From the Publisher" column offers unique teaching and insights from God's word.
Call: 715 486-8066
Email: christiannews@charter.net
Website: http://www.WisconsinChristianNews.com