2017 Ministry Expo & Conference

March 10 & 11, 2017 at the Cedar Creek Mall

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Uttermost Ministries
Dry Point Solutions
Little Wissota Retreat and Cabin
News With Views!
Family Natural Foods

WCN Video

"Sing a Little Louder" churches.... MUST WATCH!

Ex-Transgender Woman (Diamond Dee) Testimony (Transgender realizes he made a mistake) Extended

The End of America 2014 - 2016: it's worse than you think.

Learn about the work of Rhinelander's Wise Intentional Leadership Development, in Africa!

A youth church activity called, “An Experiment on Words.”

We licensed the song “Words” by the Christian band Hawk Nelson and shot green screen and GoPro footage of the girls in the youth group getting “swarmed” with positive words. The reaction on their faces is pretty cool. If nothing else, we hope it brings a smile on your face!

Tim Johnson Pleasant Grove, UT

Steve Wohlberg, From Hollywood to Heaven

The true story of an amazing escape from darkness into light.

Rev. Jim Lees of Milwaukee talks about Prayer.

Dave Luepke

at Wisconsin Health Freedom Expo in Wausau, Wisconsin

Answers in Genesis speaker BUDDY DAVIS at the Living Waters Bible Camp Creation Conference, 2009

Street witnessing with Way of the Master!  Watch as evangelist Ray Comfort speaks with people on the street about their eternal salvation!

Another SHOCKING undercover video by Live Action, exposing the abominations of Planned Parenthood.  In this video a Planned Parenthood MANAGER offers to help a pimp with his sex business, providing abortion "services" for under-age prostitutes, as well as STD testing for the girls prior to them being "put into service."   And even offering advice to the pimp to help run his "business" while the girls (under 14 years old) recover from their abortions.  (She also states she is open to accepting bribes from the pimp to "streamline" the process).  MUST WATCH.  Learn the truth about what goes on behind the scenes in Planned Parenthood offices around the country -- NOTE:  Planned Parenthood is largely funded by YOUR tax dollars!

Steve Wohlberg of White Horse Media, and WCN writer of the monthly 'Endtime Insights' column speaks on the topic of "When Demons Invade Prime Time TV."

Eight former Latter-day Saints share about their life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ. Available on DVD from

 Also check out the website:

'Lunch Scholars' -- check out the state of our Public School System!  (And could YOU answer these questions yourself?)

SHOCKING!  What does the Obama Healthcare bill REALLY call for?  Are you prepared for this?

Watch the movie everyone is talking about!  Life-changing!  WATCH THE 180 MOVIE HERE!

MEET THE REAL BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA in this series of video clips from various news agencies.

CHEMTRAILS covering the skies in NW Wisconsin!


WARNING:  contains extreme profanity by the islamic attackers...