The Book of Daniel


  The Book of Daniel is a deep look into Daniel, of the Bible, and covers everything from the sorry state of today’s denominations, to corrupt governments that will not be changed before the end of the world as we know it.  Many devastating things which will come to pass are clearly defined in this book. However, Daniel doesn’t stop here. We, the children of God, are shown the beautiful way of a true Christian’s life, as modeled by Daniel himself.  We truly are blessed and must give all glory to God for His generous gift of salvation, through His Son, Jesus Christ.

   The Book of Daniel is written from a series of messages by Russell Martin Stendal, while in Colombia, South America. Originally written in Spanish, this book is now available in English. It has been available as an ebook in the U.S. for only a month and already has been hitting the top of the charts on Amazon.

Excerpt from Chapter 3

   The time we are living in is not the time of the head of gold representing the Babylonians. It is not the time of the arms and shoulders of silver representing the Medes and the Persians. We are not under the bronze of Greece and of Alexander the Great or of the iron during the Roman Empire. We are in the time of democracies where the clay (that represents us) cannot mix well with the iron (which is the law of all the democracies with all its sciences and supposed advances) ...

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