What About the Dinosaurs?

   There are four reasons why the dinosaurs died off after the flood:

(1) After the flood most of the earth was left covered with water.  Get a globe and spin it around -- all of that blue is water that once covered the whole earth. There began to be seasons. It had summer, spring, fall and winter. A lot of the animals could not survive these changes; the world became too harsh for dinosaurs, (Gen 8:22).  Some parts of the world got extremely hot and dried up the water and left great deserts. Other parts of the world got extremely cold and  caused what is called an “ice age” in some parts of the world. (An Ice Age is an interval of time when large areas of the surface of the earth is covered with ice sheets -- large continental glaciers). The term is used to describe time intervals on two very different scales.  It describes long, generally cool intervals of Earth history during which glaciers advanced and receded. The term also describes shorter time periods during which glaciers were near their maximum extent. These shorter intervals are also known as “glaciations.” The period of time I’m referring to is the time it took to form the north and south poles of the earth and other cold regions. These must have developed relatively quickly.

   (2) Before the flood, the earth was a tropical paradise, the earth was a constant temperature. There was plenty of food for all the huge animals and people ...

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