What About the Dinosaurs?

   I recall when I was growing up having a fascination with dinosaurs.  I would regularly go to the library and get several books on these amazing beasts of the past; once I had so many I had accidentally got two of the same kind but different color covers.  It did not matter to me,  I just put one on the top of the stack and the other on the bottom, intending to look at them both anyway. 

   I had won an award from the city of Milwaukee library which was several free books for frequenting the library so much.  One of the books was on ancient fables and metaphors and inside the back cover was a colorful picture of a man in shining armor fighting a fire-breathing dragon.  “Wonderful fable I thought...or is it?”  I recall after leaving the ceremony, a lady janitor ask me for my autograph.  I also recall a friend of my mother telling me the reason the dinosaurs died out was because they suffocated from the thin air. 

   Many years later  I came across a book that has all the answers, not only about dinosaurs but about life itself; and that book is the Word of God, the Bible.  Follow along with me in this brief, but interesting, discussion about God’s creation.


Where did dinosaurs come from?

   Genesis 1:21-23 “...God created great whales, and every living creature that moved, that the waters brought forth abundantly...&r ...

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