Wisconsin Author Shares Stories of 40 People Whose Lives were Intersected by God

     One morning the idea came to Kelli Kossel to begin interviewing Christians for their testimonies on how they came to salvation in Jesus. She felt God was putting this on her heart with much urgency, so she began to write this book within the week.

   Many of the people she didn’t even know until her first meeting them to get their story. Some people she knew, led her to other people whose stories she wrote down. God continued to lead her to people by giving her “a compelling feeling to approach them.”

   What came together finally is a captivating book of forty stories of forty different people whose lives were transformed by the power of God. Every person’s story is unique because our Creator God has made every person unique. Some of the people whose stories are in this book grew up knowing about God, but they never knew God personally. Many of these people learned that they could never do enough good things to merit God’s favor or to gain entrance into heaven.

   The life experiences God allowed to take place in these people’s lives -- in all walks of life and at all ages -- testifies to His overwhelming love for them in revealing Himself to them in the midst of bad circumstances and in drawing them to Himself. He allowed them to experience a hunger and thirst that could never be satisfied with anything or anyone else. From physical and verbal abuse, to the death of ch ...

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