It's a God Thing

Book Excerpt by Charles L. Roesel, (Chapter 4)

   Andy Anderson once said to me, “Charles, do you realize that the modern church could do almost everything it is doing, even if God didn’t exist?” We are not alone when it comes to weak faith. I think of Jesus’ feeding of the four thousand as recounted in Mark 8. We read in verse 8 that four thousand men, not counting women and children, ate and were satisfied. I believe they were not only satisfied with the food they ate, but with the presence they enjoyed. Jesus had fed them with seven loaves and a few fish.
   Remember, Jesus had already fed five thousand. They had forgotten those experiences because they were filled with doubt. They again wondered how the situation would be handled. Like them, we go from miracle to miracle, but at the same time, we wonder if God can handle the next situation. The disciples still worried in Mark 8:17-21. Despite the miraculous feedings of five thousand and four thousand, they worried because they had brought only one loaf of bread into the boat with them. Jesus was totally exasperated with them:
   “Why are you talking about having no bread? Do you still not see or understand? Are your hearts hardened? Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? And don’t you remember? When I broke the five loaves for the five thousand, how many basketfuls of pieces did you pick up?”
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