Field of Blessing

Book Excerpt By Angela Elaine Ellis,  (Chapter 3)

There is no way to know exactly what Naomi felt on the day she left her homeland. She was not just leaving a place, but a special place, the home where she had raised her family, made memories, and shared good times and bad, a place where she was comfortable and content until the famine forced her family to look for an alternate location. The Bible gives us very little information about Naomi, but in my imagination, this is how I picture Naomi the day she packed everything she could to move into her unknown future.
   I can see her gazing sadly at the dry, barren field at her feet. Day after day, week after week, and month after month she had looked at her fields with hope and prayed that the famine would end and the fields would flourish once again. But no rain had come, and now she had given up hope. There she stood, knowing that they could no longer put off the inevitable. Her family would have to move in order to survive. As she looked at the wasted and desolate ground, memories of what used to be came flooding back. The sight of beautiful fields of grain glistening in the morning sun had always brought feelings of reassurance that all was well and her family would eat for another year. I see Naomi remembering those golden stalks swaying in the gentle breeze waving their praise back to the creator of all ...

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