Responsibilities and Resources

   This month I would like to discuss assigning responsibilities and developing the mindset for strategic resourcing. 
   The reality is that in most families there are more tasks than there are people to perform them.  Yet, in an emergency, they are all essential.  So the concept is to spread the work as evenly as possible across your workforce so that all tasks get accomplished at the same time in a fast, organized manner.  However, each delegated task must be assigned according to the person’s readiness level.  Readiness level is determined by the combination of a person’s ability and their willingness. 
   Ability is a person’s knowledge, experience and skill to perform a task.  Willingness is the extent to which a person has the confidence, commitment and motivation to accomplish a task. 
   So, step one in assigning responsibilities is to assess the family’s readiness level and the readiness level of each family member. 
   Step two is to begin assigning appropriate responsibilities according to readiness level. Ideally, you want to put the right person in charge of the right job at the right time for the right length of time. 
   Here are the critical responsibilities that need to be covered:
• Provisions (food, water, fuel, blankets, clothes, batteries, etc.)
• ...

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