If the Truth Be Told

   For those who are unaware, I do a radio comentary program that is broadcast twice weekly nationwide.  Last week, my program featured my annual Year in Review message, highlighting the major news stories from 2016.  Because my program time is limited, I had to do a lot of editing to get just the major highlights, and there was no time, really, for me to do much commentary.  I presented “just the facts” of as many major news stories as I could fit in.

   No sooner had the radio program ended than I received a phone call from an irate listener.  He accused me of “grossly misrepresenting” the news stories of 2016.  I listened politely, wondering how that could possibly have been the case, since I really only listed off the things that took place during the calendar year.  These were the MAJOR NEWS STORIES.  It’s pretty hard to argue that the things I mentioned never happened.   The man was livid, and his voice was filled with rage.  But RAGE is the common response, you see, no matter where you turn.   It seems no one can have a civil conversation anymore.  As much as the Left loves to preach about tolerance,  if you dare speak truth -- or even rational, reasonable common sense to them, they quickly respond with RAGE.  It’s all they seem to know.

   I listened, quietly and politely as he told me:  ...

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