Life! What a Precious Gift from God We Have

   It’s the time of year when we stop and reflect on how wonderful life is, and how precious our families and our gifts from God really are.

   But do we ever stop to think about the greatest gift of all?  The gift of God’s Son to the world. Without God’s Son dying on the cross, where would we be?  There would be no promise of salvation. There would be no room in God’s house for us because we would never get to heaven. We would live in a world without hope.

   We take our lives for granted, and assume we will wake up tomorrow and live another day. We have HOPE. But stop and take a moment to reflect upon this: Today is a gift; tomorrow is but a promise. Let us make the most of it by caring for those around us who are less blessed and fortunate than we, now and all year long. Jesus cared for the poor and less fortunate around Him. Can we do any less?

   So, what does this all have to do with Bella Medical Clinic? Where does the HOPE and the promise of tomorrow fit in?  

   For those clients who come to Bella facing an unexpected pregnancy, or a pregnancy combined with an STD, there seems to be little hope. And, depending upon the type of STD the client may have, there may not be a promise of tomorrow if she has HIV or an AIDS virus. There are treatments for STDs but some of the STDs can damage a woman’s reproductive system, o ...

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