The Foundation of the Family

   I would like to begin today with a few verses of Scripture that I believe you are all familiar with.  The first passage is from the book of Deuteronomy.  For those who are unaware, Deuteronomy contains the messages of Moses written in the final days of his life.  The Israelites had wandered in the desert for a generation.  Many of those who had witnessed God’s miracles during the Exodus had, by now, passed away, and so Moses was speaking to a new generation, one that had not witnessed God’s power, miracles  or the giving of the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai.  As Moses’ life was coming to an end, he was speaking to the KIDS of those who had been firsthand witnesses, giving a final reminder of the most important things this new generation needed to know.  He was passing down the sage advice and wisdom of an elder, as a leader, as God’s chosen man.  

   His listeners at the time were fearful.  Moses had been their leader their entire lives.  Now, Joshua was about to assume that role.  The people were camped on the plains of Moab, about to enter the Promised Land.  They were doubtful, afraid, facing impending war with the inhabitants of the land, and tempted to run away, yet there was nowhere to run.  No direction to go but forward -- led by a new leader they were not quite sure of yet.  Additionally, they were about to start a whole new way of lif ...

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