VCY Presents “Patch the Pirate” at March 4th Family Rally

   For years, children and their families have enjoyed the music and radio program “Adventures of Patch the Pirate” over the VCY America Network.

   Ron Hamilton, known as “Patch the Pirate,” along with his wife and several family members, will be providing an unforgettable evening of music, inspiration, and challenge at the VCY Rally, Saturday, March 4th at 7pm at the Waukesha Expo.

   But how did this unique children’s ministry begin?

   Every young boy dreams of becoming a cowboy, a fireman, or maybe even a pirate, and so did Ron Hamilton. He also dreamed of having a nickname that sounded dangerous and exciting -- something like “Buffalo Bill” or “Long John Silver.”

   When Ron was 27 years old, his dream came true. On a routine visit to the eye doctor, something unusual was discovered in his left eye. After several weeks of testing, he was rolled into the operating room for surgery on his eye. Only God knew what the outcome of that surgery would be. As he slowly regained consciousness several hours later, his wife gave him the startling news. “The doctor found cancer. Your left eye is gone.”

   The doctor gave him his first eye patch, and suddenly he was a pirate! Kids were fascinated by his pirate patch. Everywhere he went children would call out to their embarrassed mother ...

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