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Extreme Vetting

Complimentary Story
   It is so easy to say, “God Bless America,” but how many who say this truly understand what constitutes a blessing? Would they still ask if they were to understand?  The blessings upon a nation come only from God, and they come with keeping His Law and having no other gods before Him. President Donald Trump can only have a successful tenure in office if God blesses him with such and in turn blesses America.

   Pastor Robert Jeffress of Dallas First Baptist Church in Texas has been wise to advise President Donald Trump of the importance of his building a wall of protection for America against illegal immigration. Jeffress feels that President Trump has a godly calling such as that which Nehemiah had in the Bible, when he was sent back to Jerusalem from Persia by King Artaxerxes to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. It had been destroyed when the Babylonians drove Israel from the land and took her people into the captivity of the Babylonian Empire, just as she had been in captivity to the Egyptian Empire in her infancy as a nation.

   Many of us believe, as does Pastor Jeffress, that President Trump has not only been called, but also has been prepared by God for such a calling at such a time as this. Nehemiah was no ordinary citizen. He was the trusted cupbearer of the king. He tested every cup for poison before it was presented to the king, and was constantly alert to the signs of any coup in the planning. Though a foreigner within the empire, he was greatly trusted by the king. And so the king extended his approval to Nehemiah’s call from God to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the wall of protection for the city, which had been destroyed when the Israelites had been enslaved by the Babylonians.

   What seemed to be an impossible task of rebuilding the wall was completed in fifty-two days, but not without almost impossible opposition from the progressive liberals of his day, the religious crew of Satan and antichrist spirit of the time. Their religious opposition, based on lies, sprang straight from the serpent in the Garden of Eden, as it does to this day and will until the end of time.

   What is so important for President Trump to understand is that the same problems, which faced Nehemiah, will also face him. Both Israel and America are the only two nations in the world, which have been ruled by God. America is divided into two nations, north and south, as is Israel - Canada and the United States, and Israel and Judah. God rules by His Law, and the first commandment contains the basis for the success or blessing of the nation. Break it, and the nation will break with it.

   “And God spoke all these words, saying: ‘I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before Me’” (Exodus 20:1-3).

   In breaking this Law, the people of Israel began to bring other gods and their religions into the land, only to seal the nation’s doom until, finally, God drove her from the land. God would no longer allow her to possess the blessing of liberty and freedom from empirical, religious controls. She had disobeyed the first of the Ten Commandments. Nehemiah’s success, as will President Trump’s, came from the fact that he sought God’s Word first from the priest Ezra’s interpretation of the Scriptures, which had been lost and forgotten by the people for a long time, while in captivity in Persia.

   America, today, is as lost as were the Israelites yesterday, with the Holy Bible having been forbidden reading for our children by the progressive, liberal governments. When a nation under God is separated from Him by being separated from His Holy Scriptures, it will falter and fall, being without the truth of His Word. It will rest on the lies of religion in its place. Had Hillary been elected and had she further subjected the nation to the Communist ideology of Saul Alinsky, the subject upon which she had written her thesis at university, she would have put the bullet in the back of America, which would have completed the work begun by Obama, to take the nation down.

   It is a doomed nation, which tries to function outside of the truth of God’s Word, and Nehemiah was clever enough to know the value of perfect truth. President Trump swore on the only Book of perfect truth that exists, to uphold America’s Constitution and to serve the nation to the best of his ability. This is the very reason why it is required that a President swear on that Book, which is to recognize the authority of God and His Word in governing the nation. It is saying that there is no other God beside Him, who can deliver both truth and life in liberty to the people at the same time. Not even President Donald J. Trump can make America great again, without God.

   The progressive liberals know this and so, at the last DNC, demanded “No God.”  The foreign element in particular, and in their midst, wished to maintain its ties to the religion of the empirical-building states from which they had come. This was coupled with a desire to impose their religion and their former laws upon the American people, knowing that the successful destruction of a democracy lies in the disconnect within, of one group of people from another.

   The President, to be successful, must understand that America under God cannot give legal recognition to any religious gods beside Him and then allow the law of such gods to prevail in this nation. Like a dog returning to its own vomit, He will drive the law-breakers back to the Eastern cults from which they have come. He will not share His glory with any other gods, which are incapable of delivering liberty and freedoms.

   Israel is our pattern and shadow of things to come. As surely as Israel failed to obey and honor only her one God, to then lose possession of her land to the control of foreigners, so, too, will foreigners come in to possess this beautiful land, the likes of which have never been seen before, except just east of Eden. To this day, the foreigners and their gods are like thorns in the side of the new Israel founded, not by God, but rather by that union of nations of this world called the U.N.

   The foreigners, whom we call radicals, are really the fundamentalist Muslims who wish to alter this land so that God’s Law will be replaced by the laws of their eastern cult. Such a cultic religion is as fundamental as it can be when its adherents follow a doctrine calling for world control by killing those who will not accept such an ideology under a pagan god who rules over a culture of death. It is called Jihad.

   The real radicals of Islam would be those who profess to be moderates by claiming that they do not adhere to killing, which would mean they do not adhere to the doctrines as laid out in the Koran, the religious book containing the lies of religion upon which their ideology rests. One could compare such ‘moderates’ to the German people until they were taken over by a man of the fundamental belief of Nazi-ism and of the superiority of the German people and their right to control the world by killing others. It took very little time to subjugate the ‘moderate Germans’ into accepting Hitler’s philosophy and ideology.

   Muslims do not integrate in the communities of the world. They settle into a nation to form their own communities in preparedness to take over the land where they build these isolated communities. Don’t take my word for it! Simply examine the problem this has created wherever the host nation has allowed it. Take a look at France, Germany, and yes, Dearborn, Michigan, right in the heart of America. Such foolishness has created a major internal threat to the well-being of the citizens of each of these countries, as a result of the lack of extreme vetting.

   Extreme vetting in America should mean that no one is allowed to enter this country who does not accept the ruler-ship of our God and His Laws and be willing to pledge allegiance to God and the country of America. If one cannot be a patriotic citizen, then one should not be entitled to be a citizen at all. As has been shown, such people set about to destroy the land and commit acts of terrorism against its people as they do in the lands from which they have come. Surely we would have to be blind not to see this.

   It is now happening in America, as a president, steeped in progressive liberalism, tried to stop the people from understanding, while he continued to the end of his presidency to refuse to identify the crimes being committed against the American people in their own land as crimes of Islamic fundamentalism. There is no Islamic immigration to America, which does not have the power of poisonous, coiled serpents within it, being imported and distributed all over America. It is the nature of the beast to kill the enemy. It is deadly to allow it to enter and cross over the wall. Nehemiah, as the cupbearer of the king, quickly came to the understanding that there was poison within his wall.

   He discovered that the enemy had invaded Jerusalem and was even posing as helpers among his own people working on his wall-building project. In fact, they were working against him to destroy it and the nation. You could say that he came to the understanding that he had to drain the swamp and remove this deceitful group of those who could be identified as empire-building, globalist-minded people bent on destroying the work of restoration within God’s own nation. Nehemiah realized that his people had been breaking God’s Commandment to clear the land of all other religious gods.

   The division between religion and truth is the inescapable separation that the Laws of God demand, beginning with the first of His Ten Commandments. It is the division, which exists between a curse and a blessing upon the nation and its peoples. To put them together is like trying to put oil and water or light and darkness together, instead of choosing only light, which dispels the evil of darkness and the sin covered within it (see Genesis 1:4).

   If President Trump wants this nation to shine forth the light of liberty, it will require the extreme vetting of Nehemiah. This is to say, not only drug dealers must be on the other side of the wall, but also those of death cultures of any sort who want the Book of truth replaced with the religious lies of progressive liberalism. This is exactly what religion is.

   Religion is like a snake coiling around anything with the breath of life in it, perched in readiness to squeeze it out. It is found in the squelching of life by abortion, euthanasia and mass, religious murders. It is called the rights of religion. They are the religious rights our laws are endorsing, which were never the intention of the Founding Fathers who mistook the understanding of religion for truth. Religion is a killer and the curse of the Law. The truth of God is the basis for the blessing and the keeping of the Law.

   “So the Lord sent the fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people; and many of the people of Israel died.” (Numbers 21:6).

   “Then the Lord said to Moses, ‘Make a fiery serpent, and set it on a pole; and it shall be that everyone who is bitten, when he looks at it, shall live.’” (Numbers 21:8).

   President Trump will have to follow through on his oath, taken on the Bible. The truth of the Bible must be returned to the courtrooms, the schoolrooms and the government. The classroom must again teach from the Bible if America is to produce a generation of informed voters. Otherwise, the violence and terror of progressive liberalism will increase within the nation directly and proportionately to a decrease in greatness and in strength.

   America will cease to be a light to the world and, as the globalists are seeking to do, they will destroy her power to make her just another weak nation submitted to the coming One World Order of nations, the 666 unity of man-made religion, government and economics - the number 666 as described in the book of Revelation.

   “Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.” (Revelation 13:18).

   Watch out for the unity of religion because such needs extreme vetting or we will fall into the trap the devil is so cleverly setting as he infiltrates the people under God!

   Only when the people respond to theLaw of God will America be great again. Be fearless, President Trump; for you will have nothing to fear under the authority of God! Disobey Him by ignoring His Law of extreme vetting, and you and the nation will surely fail. Unity does not mean religious unity with the enemy. Unity means one nation under God, whose Word is upheld in every branch of the nation.

   The cry needs to come forth, “America first, because God is first and supreme!”  This will only happen with extreme vetting. Let the religious, progressive liberals scream and scheme!  But, in spite of them, this nation, as did the nation Israel under the leadership of Nehemiah, must also remain faithful to her God under the ruler-ship of President Trump, if her wall is to be built in record time, or if, indeed, it is to be built at all.

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