Ideas Sold to Us as Universal and Unifying

Editor,  Wisconsin Christian News:

   Recently as I have gotten older, I have concluded that my generation has made many mistakes over the years.  I never thought that we were careless as a people, but just really unable to stick to logical conclusions as guide for our lives. 

   This could not be better illustrated than by the recent Donald Trump presidential election. It took a man from the prior generation to say it like it is, and bring it out front and center (our self destructing nature over the rule of our country and we are still crying about it). 

   This is not the subject of my discussion, I’m just pointing out the obvious to those who think outside of their envious selfish ways. Note: the true thinker, to me, is the one that accepts that he is fallible and biased as much as everybody else, but fights his dark humanity to consider the straight line drawn by logic.  This brings me to philosophies that are sold to the young as saving ways for their future.

   1).  Fascism: Let’s say that we and other countries agree that Fascism is the way to bring the world out of the dark ages of war and corporate interest. Let’s say all the countries agree and it is established. Is it going to stop the wars or the infighting among us? No! It would not.  If that was correct, North Korea and China would be a big hap ...

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