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Ideas Sold to Us as Universal and Unifying

Complimentary Story
Editor,  Wisconsin Christian News:

   Recently as I have gotten older, I have concluded that my generation has made many mistakes over the years.  I never thought that we were careless as a people, but just really unable to stick to logical conclusions as guide for our lives. 

   This could not be better illustrated than by the recent Donald Trump presidential election. It took a man from the prior generation to say it like it is, and bring it out front and center (our self destructing nature over the rule of our country and we are still crying about it). 

   This is not the subject of my discussion, I’m just pointing out the obvious to those who think outside of their envious selfish ways. Note: the true thinker, to me, is the one that accepts that he is fallible and biased as much as everybody else, but fights his dark humanity to consider the straight line drawn by logic.  This brings me to philosophies that are sold to the young as saving ways for their future.

   1).  Fascism: Let’s say that we and other countries agree that Fascism is the way to bring the world out of the dark ages of war and corporate interest. Let’s say all the countries agree and it is established. Is it going to stop the wars or the infighting among us? No! It would not.  If that was correct, North Korea and China would be a big happy family. The North Korean would be at the same level with China and all would be well. But that is not reality and it is being sold to us today along with Socialism. Sold to the ignorant liberal with $100,000 in college debt!

   The only way these ideas are getting any traction is by compulsion -- of various degrees of control. The problem would still be there, that no union would result out of compulsion and flat economic reality.  In Socialism, everybody, whether genius or simpleton, gets paid the same.  

   Men are selfish, envious and insecure in nature. One country’s oligarchy would fight to maintain their grip on power over the other and wars would follow.  Someone always wants to be above all and beyond all others.

   2).  Islam:  Here it is... “believe in Mohammed because I told you, or believe in Allah because my sword tells you to.” If the world would all convert to Islam, what peace is there? Every Imam has their own power, and can call a fatwa or holy edicts that contradict other Imams and the prophet himself. No union there -- just ask the Sunnis and the Shiites. 

   This is a religion like many others that test your worthiness by performance. The starting point is your conversion and then comes performance. Performance is based on the interpretations of the imams, and finally judge in the afterlife on a scale system.  With all rights reserved to convict you out of paradise by Allah, this religious and political movement has suffered warring divisions almost from inception. No chance of fighting there, is there? No peace, no unity in 1400 years. 

   3).  My personal bias, Christianity: The only way Christianity is ever going to be unified is if in fact it is true. I believe it is, I believe in Genesis and Leviticus and the book of Revelation. The old Catholic Church attempted to utilize God, Jesus and Mary to impose their authority against the known world. It was in all rights an authoritarian and religious regime. To do so, they abandoned the voluntary and informational aspect of the old Christian movement. 

   “And Jesus came to them and spake unto them, saying, ‘All authority hath been given unto Me in heaven and on earth. Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I commanded you: and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.’” (Matthew 28:18-20 (ASV).

   Christianity admits that there is no voluntary global unity and that loyalty to Christ is a voluntary matter, to submit the dark desires of our hearts to the conscious, which is trying to please God. 

   Christianity accepts the impossibility of perfection by human performance and establishes a free salvation plan with the chance to do better for others. But to accept Christianity, one has to accept the absolute authority of God over all, and accept that all good things are a gift from Him. (I know many question, “what about the bad things?”) If you are His child, you get rewarded for the trials and tribulations of this life at the eternal end. This is a comparative idea of short term anguish for eternal, )i.e. long term) gain.  Not a pope dynasty that has to be protected from intellectual engagement and debate.

   The above are but examples of ideas that are out there, all sold as unifying, but are they?  By unifying, I mean that the globe would be accepting of it and would engage in day to day peaceful interaction among all people groups across the world.  Politicians would send aid to those in tragedies and widows would be consoled by the gracious foreign neighbors. 

   I have seen fellow Christians worry about the plight of other Christians around the world. They have founded hospitals, food pantries and other aids for their brothers and sisters in Christ.  If the 1970s Soviet Union helped their fellow guerilla fighters in Colombia is it the same?  One thing that I love about America is their separation from the facilitation of equal rights and the autonomy prescribed for the Church. This, of course, is described in the first amendment along with freedom of speech. We all know that speech coming from a person’s mind can go in different directions. 

   Can an idea “sell” without compulsion?  Well in the early days, Christianity did and engulfed half of a pagan empire. 

   The case can be made that Islam was also successful, but only with the use of force or compulsion. 

   When I pray that the Kingdom come, I am accepting the fact that only God is just and whatever His decrees may be, they are just and good for all.  To those without faith I would not hold my breath on a voluntary man-made system of government, not because of good intentions but because men’s hearts are self serving and most always engage in self serving decisions that  affect others in negative ways. 

   The belief in a global society is bad even in the book of Revelation, which details the heavy handed compulsion methods that evil leaders would use to achieve it.  

   If you go to school today, they sell you on ideas that would most likely end in your enslavement. There would not be voluntary universal hugs and economic kisses around the world in a global government.  Instead, you will get compulsion and regulations and finally expulsion; whether unto death or fringes, due to non-compliance to the global entity ruling over it all. 

   What have you been sold?  There will never be a global government without compulsion by someone.

-Hector Claudio,
Milwaukee, WI

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