God's Gift of Freewill is Available to All

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

   My pastor was recently speaking about our free will. God created us all with a free will. He LOVES us all, no matter what our past may have been. He desires that all people be saved and spend eternity in His presence. He has made total provision for us to do that. It will be our CHOICE. He has already CHOSEN all of us. It is now up to us to CHOOSE Him. That’s what love is. It is a beautiful choice. God’s everlasting love calls for a mutual love relationship. He is a jealous God, He wants us to return His love that holds us as the apple of His eye.

   From experience, we all know that we can’t MAKE someone love us. And would we even want to, really? God did not desire that sort of compromised, forced relationship. He said He would rather we be HOT or COLD rather than lukewarm.  I even love how He saw the rabid anti-Christian hate of Saul as a passionate man on a mission to eradicate Christianity and his potential to become an equally passionate lover of Jesus Christ, the very one he thought he hated. See, Saul was deceived. When Saul heard the truth, he made a choice to follow Jesus Christ boldly and unashamedly for the rest of his days, to the cost of his own life.

   This is an issue I have with one of my brothers who is a Christian. He is set on the necessity of we Christians fellowshipping with and welcoming Muslims with op ...

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