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Is the Land of Israel Important?

Complimentary Story
   While there are many who do not think that the land of Israel is really of any importance today, that is not the case at all.  The fact is, it is the most important land in the world, Jerusalem is the most important city, and the Jewish people are the most important national people.  All as yet unfilled Bible prophecy is in some way about the land, the capitol city, or the people of Israel.

   In general, the nations of the world, the Gentiles, do not like it that Israel is once again in her ancient homeland and is officially recognized as a nation.  On the international scene, every effort possible is being made to weaken and diminish Israel with the hope of politically dissolving or militarily destroying the nation.  They claim that the Jews have no right to be there and that the nation has no right to exist.  These are odd claims considering that it was the United Nations that granted a charter for Israel to become a nation in 1948.  

   But, maybe it is not strange at all when we consider that many, if not most, of the leaders of the nations that ratified the U.N. Charter in 1948 believed that the surrounding Arab nations would attack Israel with such superior forces that the small fledging nation would be immediately overrun and annihilated.  As expected, the Arab armies did attack but, even with their much larger and better equipped armies, they were beaten back and soundly defeated.  And, for over sixty-eight years now the violence, phony propaganda, false charges, and political posturing has continued against this small nation with the hope of both her openly avowed and shadow enemies being that she will one day fall and the Jewish, or more properly, the Israelite people, will be eradicated.  

   Will it ever happen?  No, of course not.  God has promised to preserve His chosen people, and He has said so in no uncertain terms in the pages of His infallible Word.  As long as the sun provides light on earth day-by-day, the moon and stars appear in the night sky, the tidewaters rise and fall, and the sound of the waves from the earth’s oceans and seas continue to be heard, we can know without a doubt that the Israelite people will continue to exist as a national people in God’s sight (see Jer. 31:35-37; etc.).  

   This particular promise is found in the context of a prophecy given through Jeremiah in regards to God’s promise of a future restoration of Israel to her homeland, where she will finally live in peace and safety.  The historical backdrop behind this promise to Israel is the looming destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple and the deportation of the Jewish people from their land.  After seventy years, a remnant did return to Judah to rebuild the Temple and Jerusalem.  But the majority of the Israelite people, who are commonly referred as the “Jews,” have remained to this day scattered among the nations of the world in unbelief.  But, there is a time in the future when the Lord God will regather all of Israel into the land He promised them where they will live under the righteous rule of the Righteous Branch from the line of David, who is the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God (see Isa. 14:1-3; Jer. 23:5-8; Lk. 1:30-35). 

   One of Satan’s great deceptions today is the lie that the Jews have no right to the land of Israel -- this land that the world slanderously calls “Palestine,” and that it should be divided and the Palestinians given the title deed to part, if not all of it.  The nations are willfully ignorant of the truth that the land God has promised to Israel, He has claimed as His own.  In the last days, the Lord will demonstrate righteous jealousy “for His land, and pity for His people” (Joel 2:18).  The time is coming when He will gather the nations together and judge them for their evil ways (Joel 3:1-14ff; Rev. 19).  

   Two of the stated reasons for this judgment on the nations is because they have scattered His heritage, the Jewish people, among the nations and they have “parted” or divided His land among themselves as well (Joel 3:2).  Even in their unbelief, God has a special love for the Jewish people, an “everlasting love” (Jer. 31:3-4).  Those who purposely mistreat the Jews because they are Jews and defile their ancient homeland by partitioning it and granting ownership to others are, in fact, fighting against the Almighty Lord God of the Bible.  

   The currently existing nation of Israel is mostly secular in how it functions and is in a state of unbelief and spiritual blindness.  Not everything they do, politically, militarily, economically, socially, or religiously, can be condoned.  However, Bible-believing Christians must stand with Israel in the sense that we should respect their right to exist as a nation in their ancient homeland and to defend themselves from those who would destroy them as any other nation would.  We must also acknowledge their Biblical heritage as God’s chosen people of the past and of the future.  We are also to pray that individual Jews would respond to the Gospel of the Grace of God and trust in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins and receive the gift of eternal life (Acts 16;31; Rom. 3:21-25: 6:23; I Cor. 1:18-21; 15:3-4).

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