Is the Land of Israel Important?

   While there are many who do not think that the land of Israel is really of any importance today, that is not the case at all.  The fact is, it is the most important land in the world, Jerusalem is the most important city, and the Jewish people are the most important national people.  All as yet unfilled Bible prophecy is in some way about the land, the capitol city, or the people of Israel.

   In general, the nations of the world, the Gentiles, do not like it that Israel is once again in her ancient homeland and is officially recognized as a nation.  On the international scene, every effort possible is being made to weaken and diminish Israel with the hope of politically dissolving or militarily destroying the nation.  They claim that the Jews have no right to be there and that the nation has no right to exist.  These are odd claims considering that it was the United Nations that granted a charter for Israel to become a nation in 1948.  

   But, maybe it is not strange at all when we consider that many, if not most, of the leaders of the nations that ratified the U.N. Charter in 1948 believed that the surrounding Arab nations would attack Israel with such superior forces that the small fledging nation would be immediately overrun and annihilated.  As expected, the Arab armies did attack but, even with their much larger and better equipped armies, they were beaten back and soundly ...

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