Muslim Refugees Not America’s Responsibility

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

   I did not attend the recent refugee and immigrant welcoming rally at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Eau Claire on February 2. Don’t get me wrong. I would like for the refugees affected by President Trump’s travel ban to find a safer place to live. But I do recognize that Americans (most of whom are yet Christian) are not responsible for problems created by Muslims in Muslim-dominated nations. The current refugee problem is one that should be shouldered by wealthy (and much closer) Muslim nations such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others. These can and should, be taking care of their own. Their religious book, the Koran, teaches this.

   As a student of the Bible, I’m familiar with what it says regarding relations between God’s people, and those who follow other gods. Scripture labels them as “the heathen,” and it does this while issuing dozens of warnings against them and their ways. To better understand how the heathen and their ways are creeping into Western Christian culture, think “diversity,”  “multiculturalism,” and “religious pluralism.” These are the terms used by Hollywood, mainstream news outlets and public education leaders, as they attempt to force the heathen and their ways on America. 

   Most evangelical leaders do not fully recognize this, and ...

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