'Casual' Marriage?

      Its become a catch phrase (to neutralize its reality). Promiscuity has a new label -- casual sex. Doesn’t that sound comfortable/allowable?  It comes right after the opening phrase used by many today: “We were only having casual sex.”
   Where do we find this option in the Bible? Yes, I just introduced a standard -- an historically reliable standard -- from a top, best-selling book (on that list for centuries) to give us a reference point. 

   Is there Good Orderly Direction in casual sex? Yes, I really crossed the line -- I just introduced G-O-D into the answer!

   Statistically, casual sex is unsuccessful sexif sex is love-making (another popular, neutralizing, phrase). You see the two don’t mix. Casual sex does not make love happen. Indeed, the reverse is far, far more common. The loss of genuine intimacy in relationships is the outcome! A far more apt phrase for this activity would be “break-up making” vs. “love-making” -- when it is sex outside of marriage (the loss of Good Orderly Direction). A full 75% of relationships involving pre-marital sex don’t make it!

   The real, hidden, yet all-too-evident struggle is the ancient battle with who is God. Satan says (within his first, really big lie) -- that we can be like God (see Genesis 3:5). Yes, the devil has a main mission -- get Good Orde ...

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