God Wants Us to Be Diligent

   The Bible says that “The Hands of the Diligent Shall Rule!” Idle people don’t rule.  They don’t have much to say about anything.  As a matter of fact, the opposite of diligence is laziness.  But one who is diligent of a “great price.”  They will get the best jobs.  They will make the most money.  They will be the boss over others.  They will reign and even rule a country.  Who would want to hire a lazy person or have them rule a country?  No one would!

   Diligence people may lead countries in the army, also.  Did you know McArthur won the battle with the Chinese Army?   He won it quite quickly!  He was the one who said, “There is no substitute for Victory on War.  You must fight to win.”  If you give up easily, you would be better off to not even get involved in a war.  Diligent people don’t give up easily in what they want to accomplish in life!  They press on to that goal.  They are persistent!  

   It is often advisable to stay with what you know best!  I am a teacher and that is what I know best.  Now as I am older, I don’t teach in a classroom, but I teach in homes with the Home and Hospital program and I foster 18 year olds.  I know children, teenagers, and I have a strong compassion for the poor and young adults, who don’t have parents. & ...

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