Sowing the Seeds of Hope

   Christmas is past, with its season of love, giving and compassion. Lent, and soon Easter, will be upon us, the season of forgiveness through Jesus’ resurrection. Through these events, God gave us hope that we will be saved and share His kingdom with Him.

   Bella continues to offer seeds of hope through its ongoing services.  In 2017, a new kind of hope will begin through Bella’s new STD testing and treatment program. Those clients who might be pregnant, and possibly suffering from an STD which they may not be aware that they have, can be tested and treated before the STD becomes more serious or even life-threatening, to both mother and child. Even if pregnancy is not confirmed, but an STD is, our clients can still receive treatment and hope that the STD has left no lasting effects. 

   Hope comes in other ways as well -- pregnancy testing; ultrasound; service referrals where needed in the community and on-site education of how to be good mothers to their babies. Through the provision of car seats, diapers and other supplies to care for their babies, and learning basic skills to survive, new mothers are more prepared for their role as mothers.  All of these things offer them hope – for their babies’ and their own futures. Suddenly, the future doesn’t look so bleak.

   Our upcoming banquet on May 11, 2017 is about hope -- Gifts o ...

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