Reviving the Remnant

      All true Christians can easily discern there is something terribly, awfully wrong in this world today.   I understand that many people are hopeful for America’s future under bold, new AMERICAN leadership.  To the “natural man” things may appear to be looking up.   But, I’m afraid I am not so optimistic.  We are living in a culture so confused and twisted, it’s almost unbelievable.  The America I grew up in is gone now.  I am not sure that we will ever recover.

   The Lord called me to this ministry in the year 2000.  Fifteen months later, when Wisconsin Christian News was still in it’s infancy, America was attacked by Islamic terrorists.  September 11, 2001, a day that certainly -- one would think -- would forever live in infamy.  Yet just sixteen years later, not only have we almost completely forgotten the horrors of that day, it seems we Americans are now willfully and blindly welcoming our enemies with open arms -- even as they curse us, PROMISING to destroy us.  We watch with our own eyes as they destroy the REST of the world ... and then we DEMAND they be allowed to do the same to us.  What is WRONG with us?

   We call evil good and good evil.  We put darkness for light and light for darkness.  We call enemies friends and friends enemies.  We worship DEATH and despise lif ...

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