Those Who Attended the WCN Expo Got a ‘HUGE Dose of TRUTH!’

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   The WCN Ministry Expo and Conference, March 10 and 11 is now history, and what an incredible event it was!  The theme of the Expo was TRUTH and the people got a HUGE dose of truth.  A carload of people drove over a thousand miles from Eastern Canada and one woman flew here from Egypt!  There were folks from Milwaukee, Indiana and Ohio and all said the time and travel were well worth it.

   Usama Dakdok was the leadoff speaker. He was born and raised as a Christian in Egypt and told in great detail the dangers of Islam and it’s bloody, cruel, perverted and vicious history.  He is a student of the Koran and showed passages that reveal the truth about this so-called “religion of peace.”  He called that a lie from the bottom of hell and proceeded to prove it.  

   He also pointed out that Barack Hussein Obama wears a ring on his left hand with an inscription that reads: “There is no God but Allah.” Usama says that there is no hope for America unless our Churches come out of their deep coma. Usama verified what we have been saying in this column and that is the fact that lies are being taught in our public schools and that if our churches do not come out of their coma, the  churches will become Mosques. It is happening in Europe.  (In fact, it is already happening here in Wisconsin!)  He quoted the Bible when he said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” He gave three one-hour seminars and each session was “standing room only” in a room that seated 250.

   He was followed by Peter Labarbera.  Peter has dedicated his life to telling the truth about the homosexual agenda in the same way that Usama dedicated his life to warning us about Islam. He did a great job of exposing the lies spread by the media and the powerful “gay rights” groups. Sadly, some churches  actually embrace that agenda and equally as sad, the vast majority of churches choose to ignore the issue or have simply given up. Peter also spoke to a standing-room-only crowd. 

   Peter was followed by Julaine Appling, whose dedication to the God Ordained Family goes back many years.  Julaine is a powerful force in Madison. Even  when no one else seems to care, she will be there to speak out loud and clear.  Julaine has been a regular at the WCN Expo and as usual, did an outstanding job.

   And then came the Coach.  WOW!!!  It’s easy to see why he was a successful football coach. His theme was “Making the Church Great Again.”  Coach Dave Daubenmire always prayed with his team before the games, so the ACLU sued him.  

   Coach NEVER gave in and actually got an out-of-court settlement.  He has dedicated the rest of his life to traveling around the country doing a lot of “Street Preaching” and encouraging people to stand strong and to never ever give up.  He totally agrees with Usama that if America is to be great again the churches need to wake up soon.  

   He closed his presentation by leading the standing room only crowd with a rousing rendition of his favorite “Fight” song, “Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus!”  Coach is an unforgettable man.

   Next was Pastor Matt Trewhella. Matt has done an outstanding job in fighting for the preborn. He  showed proof that the early Church saw abortion as murder and the acceptance of it is relatively recent.  He exposed the lie so many today believe: that Supreme Court decisions are the law of the land. He showed copies of the Constitution that clearly state all laws come from the Congress and showed numerous historical documents to prove his point.  All we need is the courage to stand for the truth.

   Pastor Terry Fischer did a good job of summing up the message of all of the speakers and the theme of this conference: TRUTH.  He said that we are in serious need of Revival, defined as a time when cold and apathetic people wake up!

   He talked about the 9/11 terrorist attacks and how the people crowded the Churches after the attack, but the Churches quickly became just as empty as before and, some even more so. A little-publicized fact is that they went to find God in the churches but He was not there, so people did not bother to come back.  He said we must stop using grace as a “get out of jail free card” and trust in the Spirit of the Lord.  Too many Christians put their trust in academia and he himself does not recommend the study guides put out by them, but instead urges people to search the Scriptures and let the Spirit be your guide.

   The Expo ended on a more light-hearted note with great Celtic music by the MPK Christian Celtic Band as they played a variety of music, featuring many old Irish and Scottish tunes. The MPK band has been a welcome regular at the WCN Expo for many years.

   The great speakers, along with the many Christian Ministries and businesses that displayed their work at a long row of booths in the Cedar Creek Mall were a very popular success and we hope to do it again for many years, but also pray  that the Spirit goes with us as we face the many problems of this world.  Be Salt and Light, just as Jesus commanded us to do.

   And don’t forget to thank the Law officers who were there just in case the protesters tried to make good on their many threats to disrupt this conference on Truth.  They were there, so the protesters were not, and all was well. 

   Thanks be to God for  a GREAT day and to all who participated.

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