Politically Correct Child Abuse

   Child abuse of any sort is wrong. The Bible tells us it is better that a millstone be hung about a person’s neck and he or she be cast into the sea than that a person offend a child.  So why do we tolerate and consider as politically correct a certain form of child abuse today?

   I’m talking about parents who foster in their children the idea that their biological sex is wrong and worse, these parents sign off with medical personnel to start their kids on hormone treatments for gender dysphoria or gender confusion and even will permit irreversible surgeries to be done on their children.  I’m also talking about other adults in positions of authority or other influential positions with children -- like teachers or counselors -- who encourage them to question their biological sex and push them to live a lie and to deny reality.

   First let’s rehearse some truths. God created male and female. That’s it.  It’s a binary system. That’s the biological reality. With very, very few exceptions, we all have either xx chromosomes, making us female, or xy chromosomes making us male.  Because of the Fall and the curse of sin falling on everything, chromosomal abnormalities do happen, but this is exceedingly rare,1 as is ambiguity of the external reproductive organs.2

   The next truth: God is too wise and too kind to tr ...

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