A Plea For Intolerance

   I read a news story a few years ago that was so shocking that it astonished even me. The story was about school testing and what happened in a few places where pressure on administrators was so great, that in order to record higher scores, they changed students grades or gave students the test answers. 

   Why did they do it?  Because funding was based on test scores and job security on students getting good test grades.  But worse than that, in the middle of the story was the account of a parent who realized what was happening and confronted her school officials.  She was challenged by angry home owners in the community and was told to be tolerant, and not to make trouble. Why? Because the owners were concerned that if the true test scores were known, the school district would not be considered desirable, and high property values might drop.  Would people actually put their property values ahead of childrens’ education?  Apparently so.  

   For more than two-hundred years, the greatest danger to our nation was considered to be “national security” and threats from outside our borders. Today, most people will agree that we are more threatened from within than from without.  Moral decline, the loss of respect for human life, and the breakup of the family, all define the direction our country has digressed. But what should trouble us most is the loss of charac ...

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