What Is That Odor?

Complimentary Story
Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:
    The foul smell has been identified as the smoldering of Clinton’s Marxist Party defeat November 8.

   The last true democrat was Georgia’s Miller.  Maybe six or eight years ago, Miller said, “I must retire my party has left me.”

   This is the gospel truth.  Bernie Sanders is a Socialist;  the ignorant keep sending him to the senate.  Hillary is left of Bernie, therefore she is a Marxist.  No democrats, only Socialists and Marxists at the federal level.

   Tell the same lie over and over and soon the proletariat (laboring class) will believe it.  I’m referring to the false claims of the Russians supporting Trump.  The fact is, when Obama thought  the microphone was off, he clearly told Putin that after the 2012 election “we can be in ca-hoots” (secret partnership).  

   Remember Hillary was going to be a Marxist third term.  Linsey Graham and John McCain went to compromise with these conspirators.  The Bush family are for a new world order.  This implies world government.  None of them supported Trump.  

   Trump claims Obama government surveillance on his campaign and transition team.  It was happening alright.  They call it “legal surveillance.”  

   The corrupt Clintons have the following of more than 90% of the Hollywood filth, 80% of professors in our Marxist higher education, about 95% of the news media and a large number of so-called “religious leaders.”  Fools that they are.  All these groups support the Socialist/Marxist theme.  Religionists nay.  No compromise with Marxist rats like Schumer, and Pelosi.  Comey, just another anti capitalist rat.  Today’s politics despicable.  

-Craig V. Jones,
Anderson, South Carolina

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