Pastor Tells Legislators: “Stop Taking the Money! Your Duty is Interposition!”

   On Tuesday, March 28, a public hearing was held regarding six bills that would make Wisconsin the 31st state to call for an Article V Convention of States. The hearing was conducted by Committee on Financial Services, Constitution and Federalism at the state Capitol in Madison. The Committee is made up of state senators.

   A large number of people turned out to testify -- both those for and those against.  Most of those for the Article V were from out of state.  Those against it were mostly from Wisconsin.

   One of those who testified against it was Matthew Trewhella, pastor of Mercy Seat Christian Church in Milwaukee.  His testimony caused quite a stir and has spread across the nation through news outlets and social media.  Here is the complete text of Pastor Trewhella’s testimony before the Committee:

   “We all know what you intend to do here -- to spend years creating yet another piece of paper to only to have it trampled by yet another federal court, impugned by yet another Congress, or rolled over by yet another executive order from POTUS. This federal government has spent decades trampling the Constitution. Your piece of paper with new words added to the Constitution or a completely new Constitution would be trampled yet again -- as the current Constitution has been trampled.  What you are doing here with this bill is designed to give the i ...

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