Seeds of Change: Garden Time!

   Humans have been saving seeds longer than we can know. Yet over the years this has become something of a lost function of society. And so there are those who rely on seed suppliers to do this for us. As seed suppliers continue to provide seeds to the farmers and gardeners of the world, the world of seeds becomes increasingly more intricate.

   Well, we’ve gone ahead and done some research for you to provide a high-level understanding of the different types of seeds available. 

Types of Seeds
   Of course there are seeds available to grow all of the different vegetables that you are aware of (and many that you aren’t aware of). Aside from species and variety however, there is a glaring difference in the types of seeds available. That is to say, the origin of these seeds.

   To understand this, let’s take a look at where different seeds may come from.

   First we have Mother Nature. She has been working hard providing us with all sorts of seed bearing vegetables, fruits and herbs. These seeds are what you might refer to as heirloom. These are the seeds that can still be found in the wild in their respective regions of the world. Pretty simple.

   Then we have the Scientist. Just like humans, plants have DNA. In the mid 1990s, a new variety of tomato was created in a lab by modifying an existing t ...

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